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Of Dancing

Shakira, Shakira

Dance like no one’s watching. – Undetermined Wise Person

I was at a wedding recently. It was an extremely dull affair, no dancing, no nothing. My cousins and I got so bored, we escaped to find a room (next to the caterers no less) and decided to dance. Except, they were too shy, while I was off. One of them asked, “Where did you learn to belly dance?” I was so lost in it all that I didn’t even hesitate to answer truthfully, “Shakira, Shakira!” Continue reading “Of Dancing”

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Of If I Was A Boy

Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in ‘I’m Not There’ (2007)

It’s not my fault, that I’m not a boy. – Book of Love, “Boy”

I actually have some experience with this. I played Prince Charming at age ten in the first play I ever did. There were a couple of reasons for this. It was an all-kids endeavour, and there wasn’t a greater theatre enthusiast around. Which meant I adapted The Brothers Grimm’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, directed it, made all the props and had little time to actually act. Also, I happened to be the tallest, which was a general, peer-based fact at the time and not the consequence of having a curious number of short girls in the group. And thus began the first of many forays into imagining the male experience in a made-up world, through many plays in years to come, even if the women who played my love interests kept getting taller than me. So what if I stopped growing and started to look like a woman just two years after being Prince Charming? Continue reading “Of If I Was A Boy”

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Of The Comfort of Strangers

An Opportunity (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Every stranger is an opportunity to redeem yourself. – Me, at various times in my blogging career.

I was going through singing apps today. Had some spare time after an insanely busy few weeks, and so I idled away with karaoke. Recorded a terrible rendition of “Inbetween Days” by The Cure, and not an altogether tragic version of “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush on the Smule app. But, I wasn’t as free and happy as on the other times I do karaoke. For I always sing by myself, for myself, because I am quite terrible at it, but this app was just too clever and social for me. I couldn’t sing with full abandon, because it kept recording my face and asking me to share my recording with the world. Why would I want to do that? Why would anybody want to do that? Continue reading “Of The Comfort of Strangers”

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Of Distraction

Simon Baker

I am sorry I have been missing from the blogging scene for a few weeks. But, I have a solid alibi for where I’ve been.

It isn’t the usual excuse – having a blogging/existential/both crisis. Well, it sort of is, but it has been more of me trying to avoid having a crisis in the first place.

Or I’ve been hypnotised by the very pretty Simon Baker, which has resulted in me bingewatching his TV show The Mentalist. Continue reading “Of Distraction”