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Nobel: More A Win For Songwriting, Than Dylan

Bob Dylan

I misinterpreted what was first told to me about Bob Dylan yesterday. I was listening to music via headphones (a rare occurrence. Not the music, but the device), and I had to read the lips of the person who conveyed the news to me. I read “Bob Dylan died,” and immediately plucked the headphones in agony, to correctly hear, “Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize.” The last words of those two sentences do rhyme.

I was elated. The recognition made complete sense to me, Continue reading “Nobel: More A Win For Songwriting, Than Dylan”

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Of Boybands

Backstreet Boys: puppy love

At least, Duran Duran write their own music and play instruments. How do I defend a band like the Backstreet Boys, supergroup from the late 90s, who have sold over 130 million albums worldwide, were important enough to have Millennium as their album title in year 2000, and are fresh in recent memory to be still looked at with distaste by certain music lovers and critics? We’re talking about things greater than image or Continue reading “Of Boybands”

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Guest Poet: Kate Bush “Can I Have It All?”

It’s mid-April already, and I am yet to share a guest poem with you. It’s not like I haven’t been looking for specific poems by well-known, and not as well-known, poets to share. In fact, there are too many that I feel excited to talk about. Today, the Kate Bush fanatic in me just decided to share with you – a piece that may not be familiar to you. Continue reading “Guest Poet: Kate Bush “Can I Have It All?””