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Of The Power and The Glory

Today is Shakespeare’s 401 death anniversary. It is celebrated as World Book Day, perhaps because there has never been another writer to measure humanity’s capacity in any given way or situation as acutely. Most of us live lives that are furthest from kings of yore. And yet we are moved by a king’s undoing, as it takes place in this scene from Richard the Second.


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3 thoughts on “Of The Power and The Glory

    1. All I hope is they do give Shakespeare some love on that day! I’m glad you enjoyed the clip. Ben Whishaw is one of my favourite actors, and this performance in particular is stunning.

  1. Where I am employed as a Foreign Teacher on China, Shakespeare is studied from watching the English speaking movie, which is amusing as the speech of Shakespeare day is even difficult to interpret for English speakers. Romeo and Juliet is a favorite.

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