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Introducing ‘Of Opinions – The Book’

Yes, it’s finally here. Well, almost.

I am not trying to do a promotional teaser campaign thing. Well, I am, but it is more due to technical setbacks than marketing genius. Monday is the day I get most traffic on my blog, which is why I decided to unravel my book today. But, it will take about 24 hours to be available on the Kindle Store. However, keeping that information aside and quoting Kate Bush…

Wow…ooh Wow…ooh Wow…ooh Wow…ooh Wow…ooh Wow ooh! Unbelievable!

I published Of Opinions – the book!

After first coming up with the idea in 2012, deciding to blog it in 2013, blogging it with full fervour 2014 onwards, writing the first draft in 2015, it is now here, in 2017. I cannot express my relief and joy enough.

And gratitude. Thank you, for making this happen. Your support is a gift and a privilege in my life. I really couldn’t have done it without you.

What to expect from Of Opinions – the book? Well, first of all, it’s officially called just Of Opinions, as it is on the cover. It is subtitled “Essays on Life, Love and Loneliness”. But, you don’t need to worry much about that since I will be updating details on this very blog post itself, and subsequently on further blog posts and the website.

In the book, you will find essays exactly the same as you find here. It’s a sort of alternate takes on the ‘Greatest Hits’ and some new stuff. It’s motley, it’s madness. If you like reading this blog, you can hazard the chance of liking this book.

And maybe sharing it with people you know who don’t read the blog (wow, wasn’t that subtle?). You’ve all spoiled me, so I am going to depend further on your kindness. Whether it’s on your social media, or just word of mouth, if you could tell someone this exists, and the author’s writing isn’t, you know, certifiably sh*t, that would be great.

This is a completely DIY project, but almost three years of generous feedback from hundreds of people have helped shape it. I am so glad, and proud of the fact that I am able to share this moment with them. With you.

Much love,



Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

12 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Of Opinions – The Book’

      1. Well thanks, but lets face it-it is your work, you take the congratulations! I understand. It is done…but not fully done until you get it up on Amazon and then the promotion fully starts!

      2. A film came out recently starring one of my favourite actors Shahrukh Khan called ‘Raees’. It’s whole campaign was an endless tease, just releasing snippets with the character saying “I’m coming.” I don’t want to stretch things so far. By tomorrow would be nice!

      3. Sorry it accidentally got sent. I meant to say even the parodies helped promote the film. I have a couple of ideas for promotion so far. But I will keep essaying too!

      4. That is great to hear. There are so many avenues for promotion these days. Some for free, others that may cost you a little but it definitely seems like you can target audiences better now, be it via a website, or even using something like comedy. For some reason I’m imagining what is known as the ‘movie phone guy here’…back in the days when you would actually call a number to check movie times instead of getting it directly on your phone now. He had this serious narrators voice, even if it was a comedy-“In a world gone mad…one man stood alone”..that sort of thing. Yours could be-In a world gone mad…one writer made a difference!

      5. I wish! Just being able to cause a few chuckles and think deeply for a moment will do for now. I just want the book to exist. And to be given a chance. And I’m not trying to be modest.

      6. I know it has been in you for a long time. And I know you struggled with getting it out there, struggled with focusing on keeping it all together and not losing sight of this moment. But that moment is here now friend. You wrote a book! Cherish this time 🙂

  1. Wow!!! Congratulations, first of all Amrita!!Btw, I’m Aishwarya. You must surely be excited(excited, I guess is an understatement) about your book. I am thinking on these lines to turn my collection of poems into something definite and substantial. Could take much inspiration from you 🙂

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