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Where You Lead, I Will Follow


I am so excited for Friday the 25th. NEW ALBUM by Kate Bush, NEW FILM by Shahrukh Khan and NEW SEASON of Gilmore Girls. I haven’t been this excited for anything in a long, long time. They say good things come in threes, and this must be the first time I’ve experienced that.

Above is a recording I made of of the Gilmore Girls theme song, “Where You Lead” by Carole King. I recorded myself singing the portion of it that is usually played on the show (this is the second verse, first verse is played sometimes too) and added a chipmunks filter to it. It was so much fun!

As for the show itself, I just can’t wait. At the same time, I want to savour it, as though it were the world’s largest pizza (ten points for guessing that reference). I am #TeamJess, obviously, though my favourite part of the show is Lorelai Gilmore. To quote a spot-on Youtube comment, “Lorelai is my spirit animal.”

Will you be watching the all-new Gilmore Girls? Or listening to Kate Bush’s new album? Or SRK’s new film? Leave a comment below!

(Also, are you #TeamJess, #TeamDean or #TeamLogan?)

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