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Of Having The Blues

Blue Clouds and Lining (Courtesy: Pixabay)

I’ve got the blues since yesterday. I seem to be redefining the art of doing nothing now, because it should be something pleasant, creative and calorific. Not me, who has built a cosy corner for herself on self-loathing, and a general resignation towards the state of the world. And not eating while doing it. I mean, I couldn’t buy bananas and my fave pomegranates yesterday, because 500 rupee notes can no longer be used in India. I did buy oranges, but even that is a problematic fruit now, given the powerful human who resembles its complexion.

Let’s get the self-absorbed reasons for having the blues out of the way first. Like most people, I’ve had a sh*tty year. I’ve been to six different doctors, for six different ailments. I got surgery. I’ve had a stressful time at work. I’ve written much less. I’ve gone MONTHS without watching films, which is something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been overweight. I’ve had acne. I’ve had people give me a tough time because of my weight and acne. I’ve given myself a tough time by trying to cope with it all through overeating. I’ve been stuck in a musical rut. I could not send in a manuscript on time. That’s all I can remember right now. Oh, wait. Did you know, Indian readers, that a Cadbury Celebrations box costs 20 rupees more than the items inside? It’s an outrage!

We never have and never will get political here, but I can’t help wanting to share my disappointment at the state of things. Things like the human orange, and 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes being no longer usable in India. Today, I heard of Leonard Cohen’s passing. It’s like the Sun has put on a blue business suit, had a weird, straw-like combover and pointed a finger towards the Earth to say, “You’re fired.” We’ve been bad at doing our business, fellow earthlings. It’s time we tried to be good again.

We can’t just blow it all off and go and have fun. Well, I am going out to have fun tomorrow, but further than that. The only way we can get over our collective blues is by doing the things we really want to do, and should be doing. I should have sent that manuscript on time. Who knows, I could have become a published author, or be perfectly happy with a constructive rejection letter. We’ve felt helpless this year, passively watching all the terrible things happening to us. We can’t undo them, but we can make good things happen too.

Things have been so busy at work, I didn’t get any time to think until yesterday. And all I could do was lie all day long, under a blanket, and moan at the world going to pot. And being disappointed in myself, because I didn’t have cash to buy fruit. It was finally this afternoon, when I did go to the bank to see scores of people similarly dejected, to feel better. We’re all in this together, folks, if I may go a little High School Musical. I didn’t get cash, but I did get samosas.

Every cloud may have a silver lining, but sometimes your eyes can get so blurred, you don’t know where to look for it. You can’t blame your glasses. You just have to ask people to point in its direction. And if you see that silver lining as blurred, good for you. That means you see more of it than other people. The point of this metaphor is, sometimes it’s good to be blurred. Dim. Clueless. You don’t get as offended or angry as the sharp. You spend your time thinking about the things that really matter. Things that you can actually do something about.

Have you had the blues? How have you been trying to deal with it?


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8 thoughts on “Of Having The Blues

  1. First lets get this out of the way-hugs of support to you. I know you have had a bad year. My wife has had the worst year of her life for a variety of reasons, and the less I say about the human orange right now, the better. I’ve had the blues as well, and I’m really there right now about a lot of things-lack of money (haven’t been able to buy a new CD in ages, or go to a proper concert), the human orange, work stress…don’t even get me started on where I am with that.. I’ll just say, don’t go there! Tomorrow because of some of that we are getting in the car and headed out of the city to a state park to enjoy some late fall glory. That will help. And you know music will be a big part of that for me, as will comedy. Lots and lots of comedy. But I wanted to be quick to comment on this one here, because (you won’t believe this…), but last night I published a new post about…wait for it, blues music. Specifically the force of nature that is Buddy Guy. The way I posted it on FB was to say-think you have the blues. Well you’ve got nothin’ on Buddy Guy! So it helps. I’m staying away from social media and the news for now too. I normally like to be locked in to the world around me, but I think its okay to keep some distance now. Stay strong my friend. We’re all in this together.

    1. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! The blues are still to leave me (though, when do they ever officially go?) and trying to enjoy things and not think about it hasn’t helped either. I am hoping work will, something constructive. We’re not new to tragedies, whatever the scale, and sooner or later we learn to live with it.

  2. I’m super blue. I will check my politics at the door and just leave my feelings here. This year has been rough. And I’m very disappointed and ashamed of what happened this week.

    And then Leonard Cohen 😦

    Yes, dear, blue indeed.

    1. Kinda reminds of Joni Mitchell’s song by the same name. Isn’t there a line in it that goes something like “Gotta keep on thinking we’ll make it through the night”?

      Hope you are having a nice weekend, Sourgirl. New poetry from you could make us fans feel better!

  3. It’s been a disheartening week – I’ve started to look to small human gestures for comfort & trying to read and listen to as many voices as possible that are sharing messages of hope/faith/love/empathy

  4. It’s funny how perception colors attitude. I always appreciate your candor and sincerity in the way you write, when I get the chance to read your stuff, which isn’t as frequent as I desire. But this one captured me because I understand. I’m sad to see the divide in our land. I think it closely mirrors tensions around the globe. But as fellow humans we must take responsibility to forge ahead in forming the world which peace demands. There’s no one leader which can do this. We must look to the end of our arms at our own two hands and make the changes the Creator has given us to handle. Hang in there and keep writing.

    1. First of all, I really appreciate the kind words, David. I’ve sometimes been told of my sincerity in writing here, though I don’t understand why anybody would bother writing if the case was otherwise. Second, I thoroughly agree with your point. No one person, or body of government, can solve all problems, no matter how capable. Our job doesn’t end with voting. Everything we do, or can do, affects society at large in one or another. There does seem to be a pattern emerging, but if we try to educate ourselves better and live more responsibly and constructively, we can make whatever small improvements possible. People in power do not possess magic wands after all, to cause positive change at one swipe!

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