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NaNoWriMo 2016

I’ll do it. Again. I’ll enroll. Why not? What is so impossible, insurmountable, incredible, incognizable about writing 50,000 words, set in a world you made up that doesn’t have anything directly to do with your own (or so you claim) in a span of 30 days? What is so hard about doing all that? Where, exactly, is the challenge here?

Let me clarify. I’ve never written a novel, not even a bad first draft. Not even a bad first Novel-In-A-Month draft of 50,000 words or more, that some people write in November and tell the world about. I want to tell the world too, worlds and worlds, with every cell in my body. But, I’d be lying (cf. Second sentence of this paragraph).

But, I will do it again. I enrolled. I have an idea. I’m on my mark, ready to get set and go after I finish with my chores on Tuesday night. I will do it, I will do it every night for an hour, in which I will have 2000 words down each night, till I hit 50, 000. I might be a tortoise on heavy sedation in this, but I will finish the race. I just can’t promise to be glamourous whilst doing it.

I’ll take a nano approach to it. The nanotechnology of writing novels comprises of not telling anybody it’s potentially crap, but just typing the required number of words. Doesn’t matter if it’s Greek or Klingon, either of which you don’t know. The key to NaNoWriMo is remembering that it requires a quantitative approach, not a qualitative one. Let me dazzle you with the following mathematical equation:

The variables:

Typing speed(x): 1000 words in 30 minutes, if I know what I will be writing.

Morning/Night Person (p): Insomniac, but also inherently lazy.

Planner or Pantser(pr): Pantser, hoping to convert to Plantser. And grow some plants too.

Spare time in November 2016 (s): Zero, which can be converted to infinite by some procrastinating.

Fixed values:

Novel(n): 1

Number of months (m): 1

Number of days in months(d): 30

Number of words to be written(w): 50000


(x*2)d – (p + pr + s) = m = w = n

Which proves,

a) Complete lack of mathematical skills, causing universal outrage amongst mathematicians.
b) Hypothetising, wrongly or rightly, does not a novel make, QED.

I cannot predict the future. I do not know how life will be in November 2016. But, I will try to write . A Novel. Of 50,000 words. By 30th November.

I do not solemnly pledge. I mildly consider. Hope the honest confession isn’t too disheartening.

Have you entered NaNoWriMo this year?

Click here for my NaNo profile and let’s be Writing Buddies!


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8 thoughts on “Of NaNo Writing

  1. See, if you just did this every day you’d be all set! I wish you much luck and little stress in this endeavor. If I have never mentioned it to you before, can I also just add that to your already great writing skills, you have a wicked sense of humor that you also manage to get out in your writing. Hope you make this happen for real!

      1. Hey you do what you can. And I’ll go with writing two words down for a title at 11:59 count as writing for that day…as long as you finish the rest of them at that sitting!

      2. There you go! And no, I will not be. I wrote 24 straight Christmas themed blogs once and towards the end, the pressure really got to me! If I was in a calmer atmosphere perhaps I would attempt it. But three hours of commuting each day, hectic days of work prevent me from finding the ‘space’ to attempt something like that I think.

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