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Real Time Ramble: Too Tired To Blog

This is about as “real-time” as it can get. I’ve been too tired to blog or even think, and it seems like it’s going to be that way for a while. Like it or not, I’d like to be able to write something and not just do it as part of my “me-time”. In an ideal world, I’d like All my time to be my me-time, i.e. do what I want with it time. But, in my current, real time me-time, you’d be finding me typing a blog post on my phone, lying exhausted in my bed.

I did have things planned blogging-wise for this week. But, the ability to make something was denied to me. I was conversing with somebody who’d put up a performance recently, pointing out how they had the option to be socially creative. Just to do something, anything artsy fartsy. But, sometimes you’re just too busy even for the latter, making you crack bad, lavatorial jokes instead.

I guess, my point is, I need a substantial amount of time on my own to be creative. Unlike popular assumptions about my gender, I can’t multitask. I can do one thing, well, at a time. Otherwise, I feel I’ll spontaneously combust from stress. And that’s not the fire of creative inspiration I’m looking for (bad witticism number 2).

I want to go on, but I’m all “needles and pins” handswise. Why don’t you tell about a) typing posts on your phone. And b) finding time to be creative?


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21 thoughts on “Real Time Ramble: Too Tired To Blog

  1. I have only ever done a handful of posts on my phone, and so far its only been my Photo Shuffle ones, which are inherently shorter. But I have not done one of those since May for one reason or another! I know how you feel though about ‘me’ time to be creative. My wife supports my work, but in our little apartment in the heat of the summer I am not finding the ‘space’ I need to mentally work. That sounds soooo pretentious of me to say that, but I think if you want to be creative, you need the time and space away from things. Maybe that means you want to watch something on TV minus the distractions, if that helps you create. For me I want to hear the music I am writing about so I get the context of the song or album. It does really work to do so. Which is why I have fallen off the frequency of writing, though I think autumn definitely is a renewal of creativity

    1. I can completely relate to the space side of things. The last ten years of my life have been pretty cramped, but i remember making so many things as a kid! I made cards, stitched, wrote letters among other things. And all i see kids do these days is play videogames! Well i had those too but, for the lack of the impulse to document things, you just got on with your lives. Now, it feels so much easier to unwind watching random YouTube videos, or texting someone, than making the effort to make anything, even a little blog post, let alone a cross-stitched wall hanging!

      1. I wasn’t creative when I was younger, or even as an adult really, unless you count the ideas I was developing for now in the purchase of books and music that are pivotal to who I am in 2016. It does feel different somehow these days. Though I try to put the phone down somedays, I freely admit to being addicted to it and everything I can do on it 😦

      2. Hi, sorry for being so late in replying. Can’t use ‘that’ four-letter word as an excuse again (you know, the one that begins with a b, ends with a y, and has a u and an s in the middle) but it’s the truth!

        I’ve stopped wondering at people’s dependency on phones anymore. It’s not an addiction, it’s a way of life. And there are loads of creative things you can do on it too. All the ones I’ve had are still filled with notes, lines phrases, plots, poems etc., and it can be as creative a device as any other. I even record my youtube readings on my phone, and lack of better equipment makes it all the more challenging!

      3. Ha! No worries about ‘that’ 4 letter word. Blogging, and replies to blogs should never be a stressful endeavor. You are right, it is a way of life and there is a lot of good and useful things one can do with a phone, and some very cool apps that I use somewhat regularly-one that has bird calls, APOD (astronomy photo of the day),those sorts of things. So its not always about being lost in a social media daze. I have tried but I just can’t be bothered writing notes in my phone other than very basic reminders however!

      4. Ha ha! I’m beginning to discover the wonderful world of apps too, though I try to keep my life as clutter-free as possible. I’m obsessed with my Doctor Who apps!

      5. There are Doctor Who apps? Shh…don’t tell my wife that! I also like my music apps and the few games I doodle around with, but gone are the days when smartphones first came out that I had a ridiculous number of them!

      6. I love this Tardis 3D wallpaper I have. Well, I’m obsessed with anything Tardis! I’m just more likely to stare into space than frantically app my way out of boredom. But, that just might be because I’m a really old, actually 3758 years old, timelady called The Dreamer…

      7. I know I’m missing out, and I’ve watched Doctor Who before but in fits and starts so I don’t really understand it. I will correct that some day. I try not to app my way out of boredom, other than the occasional addicting game I might play for a week or so. Ironically, my new post has elements of the ‘staring into space’ idea, though in my case it is watching the weather roll by. I have to mention this since you mentioned the Tardis obsession-a friend on FB put a photo from some music festival of a portable toilet decorated as a Tardis. It was quite brilliant actually!

  2. I have never typed a post on my phone. I need a proper keyboard in order to do that. Ha ha! I completely understand the whole “me” time. This summer has been very blah for me in terms of my blogging and writing. I’m hoping that once fall comes that things will change. Sometimes that is all I need is a change in the seasons to get my creativity flowing again. Take care! ~Tamara

    1. Interesting how both comments I’ve received so far look toward the autumn for inspiration! We operate differently here, as there are festivities all year round, and you have to tailor your life to it. Mine just has been old-fashioned work lol, and I can’t use being creative as an excuse to get out of it! Or maybe I can, as I see so many people do here, juggling it with family, health and doing creative things.

      I do wish you a lovely Canadian autumn, Tamara!

  3. Doing a whole post on my phone would drive me insane. I normally deactivate autocorrect (to avoid making random confessions) so each letter has to be typed individually. Pins and needles definitely be the result of that. and neck ache.If I’m lying on my bed I’d probably fall asleep before I could post.

    1. Ha ha! I deactivate autocorrect too. It rarely predicts what I want to say! I text people lying in bed, so I thought might as well give blogging a try. It’s not well thoughtout, but that’s the point of these free-writes!

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry for being so late in replying. Just haven’t had the chance to do it these few days.

      I can often tell when something is typed on a phone here. It’s more jarring on WordPress (where you expect grammatically correct English!) than other social media, and it does seem sloppy. Taking the extra effort of doing it on a computer ensures quality and doesn’t give people the wrong impression!

  4. Finding time to be creative for me almost always means putting something else to the side, that really should get done, but could wait, in a pinch. Taking advantage of the inspiration when it happens, instead of waiting for some magically non-busy moment. As if everything important is ever really “caught up” with! I can’t really imagine that ever happening. (Although I have heard that there are people who sit around with nothing to do– which seems bizarre) Just before dusk tonight, I should have been watering the garden or doing ten other more practical things but I really wanted to paint a bouquet of wildflowers that I’d picked this morning. I ended up just painting a few of the wildflowers instead of the whole bouquet, but I was happy about it anyway!

    1. Hi Elka, so sorry for not replying you here or anywhere else! I am prone to ‘doing nothing’. Lately, not all that much, but whenever I can. Especially when I am in the midst of nature or listening to music. Or even at home, when I just want to “be”. That’s when I get creative, or at least have time to think.

      Ideas do have a tendency of escaping you if you don’t put them down immediately, and you often get them when you are really busy with something. But, I’m glad you went ahead with your painting instead of doing your chores. It’s a sacrifice that’s worth it.

  5. I read a book this year, Let the Elephants Run, by David Usher (lead singer of a Canadian band named Moist).
    His argument was that you had to block out time in the day as a creative session – his block was I think 530 am, for one hour, before the kids got up. I haven’t been able to be as ambitious with a wake up time!

    1. Absolutely. That piece of advice gets repeated a lot in the online writing community, and it’s one of the few that actually works. I’m even beginning to think of creative-time in a busy day as a refuge, instead of a commitment. Though doing it first thing in the (early) morning is a bit too much! I’ve always found that late nights work better.

  6. I have been very, very bad about finding time to write lately. Very bad. I’m just now getting my groove back. I never type posts on my phone. Like others have said, I need more space and a keyboard! Though I believe I have lost posts before, not getting the core ideas written down when they came to me and not having time to write about it before the moment passes.

    You do what you can.

    1. That is so true. I’ve been trying to write a short story for over a month now. The notes on it will probably be longer than the story! I do force myself to post here sometimes, but usually because I have back up essays on my computer, or because I wrote something down when I had an hour or two off. I’m always afraid I’ll quit blogging if I don’t post for a while! You definitely have a better relationship with itbecause you can make brilliant comebacks even if you’ve been gone for a while!

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