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Of Writing and Blogging

W is for Writing, W is for WordPress

Do I write to blog? Or, do I blog to write?

Am I a writer who blogs? Or, am I a blogger who writes?

I’m feeling a bit unsure about this. I haven’t written anything proper in a week. I’ve had ideas – lines, plots, phrases etc. But, I’ve been too busy to put anything down. I often make that excuse for most proper writing I do, er, want to do. The reason is, I’m scared sh*tless. Constipationally scared, because sometimes I think writing, in the grand sense of the word, is a much too audacious endeavour. How dare I think that I can write?

But, what my account on WordPress has done for me in the past two years is make it okay to think that. To be bold. To be audacious. To liquefy my hard-as-diamonds personal censor, which assumes that anytime I do write, it will be solid gold. Excuse me for mixing my precious elements, uh, my metaphors, but you know what I mean.

Blogging has allowed me not to give a sh*t about being scared sh*tless. I write, I publish, and I have the freedom to let it exist even it is crap. I can always flush it. Uh, I mean, delete it.

I can always use toilet humour to entertain readers, who feel enjoyment and disgust in nearly equal measure.

For the past year, I feel I’ve been missing my writing mojo here. The writing-blogging synergy that was created unconsciously, almost miraculously, in the first year (I will not mention ‘Freshly Pressed in just 5 months’ again because that would be egotistic and annoying. Boom.) seems de-energized. The stats have decreased depressingly, but more than that, so has the quality of my writing. Moreover, I’ve acquired all the bad habits of the typical social media user – I’ve written their instead of there, I forgot the spelling of ‘ninety’ today while I was writing it longhand in an important document, and worst of all, I feel the need to go pro. And not because of the reasons you’re thinking.

You see, at this point in my 100% non, no-not-ever-been-paid blogging career, the wisdom that floats around in the social media ether is that I should make a well-planned effort to go big. Even if there is a small but somewhat stable audience, I need to hunt for much, to the power of thousands or millions more, without admitting to it. The writing is secondary, tertiary, can even be bumped several notches down because The Rise of The Brand has to happen.

I keep meaning to. I keep thinking I’ll read the literature, watch videos on Social Media PR & Marketing, Organezize, branch out, Reach Out And Touch Me a la Depeche Mode. Em, maybe not the last one.

But, curiously, I don’t do it. I am shamefully unenterprising. I can’t even do the not-doing of it all in a coolly hipsterish fashion. Instead, I ramble on. Endlessly. I’d probably babble about pop music even when I’m dead and gone.

And I’m not above vanity. Oh, no. I’d instagram if I had anything instagrammable. I’d vlog, if my life was vloggable. I’d dance, if I was danceable. I’d do it, if I had the talent for it. But, more importantly, if I had the will for it.

I’m not giving blogging a bad name, and certainly not here on WordPress. The reason I wanted to write here in the first place was because the content here was so darn good. Equivalent to high-quality journalism, except it was created independently and could be read/viewed for free. I wanted to be one of you. Your talent as writers and artists drew me to your community. I couldn’t care less how many subscribers you have, or what external material you use to enhance your work. Whether you carve it on stone or html it, it’s your talent that draws me to it.

And I ask the same of you. If you asked me am I writer or a blogger, then I’d say, with cent-percent emphasis, WRITER. But, should I blog it? Yes, I should. Even if it’s not pretty, or even coherent? Sure. If they don’t like it, they can just move on to something else.

If it is offering me a place
To quieten the voices in my head
That speak words and phrases
That are never said
Then, Why The Hell, Not?

Do you write to blog? Or, blog to write?


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38 thoughts on “Of Writing and Blogging

  1. I blog to write,In future I should be able to write well and blogging helps me to learn from mistakes and get better in it 🙂

    1. Plain and simple, eh? I certainly think I’ve got a lot better at writing as well, in some ways. At least, in writing things I care about, and trying to connect with readers.

      1. As in, your reason for blogging was plain and simple. You blog to write better, and I agree with that and I think it’s such a nice and easy way to go about doing it.

      2. Oh,I understood ,yes its very simple and there is a lot to learn lot of knowledge,new ideas and making friends is a bonus:)

  2. I blog to write. Trying to journal my learning experience, and share my life.

    Blogging on a schedule though, makes sure that you’re writing, makes sure that you’re putting it out there. It’s practice for querying, for submitting.

    It’s reaching out and letting people know: they aren’t alone.

    1. Exactly. I did blog on a schedule for quite a while. I aimed at Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and ended up publishing at least two of those days every week, at the exact time. It worked for the readers too, because they got used to that schedule as well. I’ve often had bloggers asking me how I find the time to do it prolifically. I think, you just make time for it, especially when you have ideas that excite you, that you want to share.

      1. Ha! I follow the slow-blogging method. I only post once a week, with no more than 1-2 pages.

        Laziness? Or making sure more of my sparse free time goes to novel-making? You decide.

      2. Certainly not laziness, because you take it seriously. Once a week is totally fine, and I would consider it prolific.

        I think of myself as an essayist (this blog was initially meant to be a book of essays, and that’s where the idea ended) but, I suppose I got used to the immediate feeling of writing something and getting responses to take the conversation further. I write other things, for work and pleasure, but this one has a life of its own.

  3. First I’ll say I think you are being too hard on yourself. From last October to say March of this year I was very prolific. The combination of a very busy summer and a very hot summer have sapped me of the energy to be creative, so I feel you, right down to the dwindling stats, though being a music based blog I will sometimes repost something on a bands page and get some new hits to generate interest again. Maybe you can come up with an equivalent to do that on some of your older posts? But in the end it is quality, not quantity that counts, and you my friend, are quality personified! In answer to your question, I think it varies. Generally I would say blog to write as the basics of my idea are more suited to the multi-media ability of a blog. But now that the fiction bug has bit me, I can also see the reverse holding true some of the time since it is more pure writing that I have posted on a blog. And that is perhaps a distinction for pure writers such as yourself.

    1. As always, you’re kindness personified Robert. Thank you for the encouraging words. I completely understand the effect being busy can have on doing anything creative. Some days I feel completely blank, away from anything artistic. But, then, creative things can become a refuge. Reading has been doing that for me lately. Before, I always made it a point to indulge in the arts for itself, and not as escapism. But, lately, reading has not only become an escape, but maybe a means of sanity and staying true to my core. I feel that way about blogging too. No matter how busy I get with other things, if I don’t do it, or something like it, it just feels wrong!

      1. You are very welcome! Having mentioned the Indian heat to me before I’ll just say that NYC subways in August are akin to the levels in Dante’s Inferno! I’m actually reading regularly again though (a self-published ) book by a blogger friend and now an account of the Lewis & Clark expedition, a pivotal moment in American history. I am convinced as a writer, which I do call myself now, or at worst…an artist, that reading is the single best thing. Does not matter what it is, there is something about the assembling of words that allows your own thoughts to escape. Keep going!

  4. I think I blog to write, though I have not been doing much blogging or writing lately. I suppose I have been feeling uninspired and these past couple of weeks have been full of family functions which have left me feeling drained and missing my dad. I’m hoping to get back on a proper schedule with blogging and writing once summer is done. And I try not to care about stats. I think I was more successful in that area on my old blog, but back then I was on WordPress nearly everyday and making an effort to connect with other bloggers. I haven’t been doing that much lately, either.

    1. I understand, Tamara. I miss the frequency of your posts too (they were always charming, talking about laundry, book covers, stationery etc.!). I read a brilliant book on coping with loss recently. It’s called Nora Webster by Colm Toibin. Give it a try if you haven’t already read it.

      I look forward to your new blogging again. I know it will be good!

    1. Thank you, Geoff! Always a pleasure to read yours as well. I learn quite a bit of Maths as well as about music through them, and how I wish Maths was taught in that way when I was in school!

  5. the first four questions are so philosophical 😀

    I do like to click on My Stats page more than I probably should but I’m happy even if it’s only one view at the end of the day 🙂

  6. Great post… and I agree with Robert that you’re too hard on yourself! I think it’s great that you are able to share so many different topics that such a wide variety of people can relate to, that get people to think and converse about both important and frivolous things. And the kind, generous and thoughtful way that you respond to your readers makes these “pages” all the more welcoming. Not every line, or post you write needs to be a gem, for you to be a jewel!

    1. um… important should be in quotes, by the way….up above… as there’s plenty of “frivolous” things that are also important…! This is one way blogging, and all internet communication drives me crazy…because I’m constantly editing myself!

    2. Aww, thank you so much! I guess I need to be hard on myself to get things done. I never do anything if I am complacent! I try my best to comment as well as I can. I feel it is an important part of social media, and is respectful towards the people who are engaging with your content. There are many bloggers/vloggers who simply stop replying once they go big, only responding to their friends, if at all. I don’t know how I will conduct myself if I ever get that sort of attention, but I’d surely feel a disconnect if I don’t take the time out to reply to thoughtful responses. Thank you very, very much for your support!

  7. Don’t worry – there is no such thing as “proper” writing! If there was, writing wouldn’t be the release that it is. That’s why I always say just write what comes to you without thinking and there read over it and marvel at how genuine it is. Those, in my opinion, are the pieces of writing. This was such a great post!!!

    1. Thank you! I am trying to do that more now. I never considered myself a poet, but for a period of time, that was all I could come up with. I didn’t think I was suddenly Emily Dickinson or something, but that was the form of “release”, as you said, I had at the time. I’m trying to write more fiction now. Again, because that is just how I feel writing-wise. If it had to be perfect each time, I probably woudn’t do it all, because the mistakes are so apparent!

      Thank you for reading!

  8. I found this such a helpful post, thank you. I started blogging because I had some ideas I just wanted to get out there, but once I published my first post I realized that I didn’t actually care whether anyone read it or not! It was just cathartic, a way to organize my thoughts and maybe practice some writing on the side. I’ve started to feel bad about not doing more to promote it or link my other social channels etc. but you just reminded me that it doesn’t have to be about that. It’s perfectly fine to just not give a sh*t!

    1. Thank you so much! I felt the same way too, when I began. The readers were slow to come in, but they come and go anyway. The idea is to keep doing it only if you feel like doing it!

  9. Thanks. An interesting post.
    I think I blog to write. I have been writing songs for years and, in the past, wrote one or two short stories. But I am lazy. The thought of writing a novel fills me with horror. All those words! All that research and planning!
    But a blog is perfect. I can write as much or as little as I want. And if I don’t want to write I don’t. I can write about anything I want, whether it’s about the book I’ve just finished reading, my latest song, or just some random observation about this strange world we live in.
    Thanks again.
    Take care

  10. What an interesting view! I think I blog to write, but i also write to blog, or as one person said, blog to blog – although i say this, i only created a new blog last week after a very long time away! Why? Because i want to do so much, including writing, but my mind is filled with so much of everyday, that i need to ‘put it’ somewhere. I could just journal it all, but there is something indecently satisfying about putting it all out there. Thanks for a great post.

  11. You have many viewers and that is impressive. Your vocabulary is strong. I understand your words and what it is you are expressing, yet I can’t write a sentence with those words…um. I’ll try.

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