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Of Weird Dreams: Breakdancing Clowns


Dream, dream! Even for a little while. – Blondie, “Dreaming”

In the past month or so, I must have spent an average 9 hours daily, cumulatively, sitting or lying down, trying to catch some sleep. I wouldn’t call it sleep, as much as an Aztec Purple Invasion, the name of the band I was in, in one of the dreams. My dream life now seems to be a well-constructed alternate universe, with very little conscious participation from me. Here’s a list:

1. The Animatronic Doll. He just came to visit, you know. Sitting in the drawing room, about 2 feet tall, and maybe 3 inches in width and breadth. A regular C3PO, offering to be my personal assistant/friend, but looking more like a Stormtrooper with a highly elastic face, that made him look like a puppet. Or Chucky. But, that was only the start of The Unexpected Journey. We went to some old part of China, and I got stuck on the roof of some old, dilapidated building, in some sort of a spy situation (I am frequently a spy who keeps getting chased in my dreams, without any fancy cars or having time to give specific instructions regarding alcohol) where this robot recruits help from outside to save me. Just your average, children’s adventure movie.

2. Aztec Purple Invasion. I am a singer-songwriter in a band, performing edgy, catchy songs that I have written. (I even tried to write them down in my sleep.) The band name inspiration may have something to do with real life grindcore band Mongoloid Porn Inferno. Anyone want to join Aztec Purple Invasion?

3. Breakdancing Clowns. This is a recurring one. I go to a mall. Just an ordinary, everyday mall, where you are inundated with shops selling things you don’t need to buy, and that’s all there is to it. Except, this one has some sort of a kids-friendly challenge at the entrance, where you can only get into the mall if you go through this blue, plastic-bubble walled maze on a skateboard, facing a number of obstacles, the scariest being breakdancing clowns, who sometimes pick up conversations with you, speaking in slimy, menacing tones.

4. Mantelpiece in My Bathroom. Yes, I dream of toilets. A lot of people do, frequently, even if they don’t want to admit it. Dream interpreters say it tells you to flush things out of your life, but I think it’s much more literal in my case: I abhor dirty toilets, and am grateful to find nice ones. I dreamed of a posh, cosy one today, nice bath, nice decor, with a lovely mantelpiece. Of course, there are many posh bathrooms out there with a mantelpiece, but this was much more integrated to the home living experience, if you know what I mean.

5. Revolution. As mentioned above, I frequently have spy dreams, where I am the spy who is about to be caught. But, lately, there have been a couple of dreams around some sort of an underground revolution in a period setting, complete with me being a princess/nobility type, who unexpectedly gets embroiled in all this. I’m not as resourceful as Katniss Everdeen, but I have some hope in future instalments.

Oh, to have those lovely trysts with Robert Smith of The Cure again…

Which one of the above dreams did you find weird? Have you had any weird dreams lately? Share below!


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