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Real Time Ramble: Blogging and Chatting


It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a proper essay/musing for you here. This isn’t one either. This is one those half-hour free-writes I used to do, for want of inspiration. I even hashtagged it #RealTimeRamble in case some of you wanted to try it. But, to my knowledge, nobody did. That’s why I’m a little unsure of blog events, or whatever they are called. I think I’ve fulfilled most challenges/tags bloggers here have so kindly tagged me to do in my blogging history. But, it’s been a while since I’ve been asked to do any of those. The reason I mention all this is because I haven’t quite had that ‘community’ feeling in the last few months. I admit, I don’t do much. I’m still learning the ropes on twitter, but it’s as baffling as ever. I have a pinterest account, but there’s just too much going on visually on that platform, and it will take me even longer to figure that out. What I can do is read more blogs, and though I do keep up with the people I’ve liked reading for a long time, I haven’t discovered new bloggers in a while.

I miss just chatting with people here. I’ve often thought of doing a ‘blog party’,  where bloggers introduce their blogs in the comments section, and thereby, discover new blogs. But, honestly speaking, I feel it might turn out to be like a real party fail, where you did the prep alright, but nobody came. I mean, I’m not basing this on nothing. This #RealTimeRamble didn’t take off when I started it a while back. I did publish all the particulars of guest posting here, but there haven’t been many takers for that either. I suppose what I can do to get the conversation flowing is actually write interesting stuff. But, as I’ve mentioned a few times in the last few months – nothing’s coming.

There are a few things brewing, some even cooked well enough. But, they are not ‘Of Opinions’ material. Neither is the Bridget Jones fan fiction, you may say, but that one I did just for a laugh. I had no idea some of you would even read it, let alone share it and want to read more. You never say that about my essays! I had no idea I’d keep making further instalments of it as and when the inspiration comes, though I’ve enjoyed introducing many of my personal foibles into her context, because Bridget just makes everything much more bearable than a tedious, self-pitying essay.

But, as much as I’ve grown to love writing Bridget and the delightful menagerie of people that surround her, I also want to get back to you and me. We should have a proper chat, talking about universal things like we used to. When I first started blogging, it really was a lot of fun. There was nothing learned or calculated about it (still isn’t) but just these interweb conversations that were different from any other. I’m not a creature made for twitter or instagram. I’m 28, what some would call a Millennial, and I’m supposed to be naturally competent at this. But, I’m not. I’m someone who prefers to call or meet people because my texts are just way too long, even with the modern messaging short hand. WordPress is perhaps the only social media platform which still allows for an anachronistic person like me to exist. It saves/saved me from getting the red, ‘Reject’ stamp on my head from modern communication. If it weren’t for these long, long sentences, I’d probably not be writing at all.

Still, like Bridget, I’ll persevere. Even if I keep falling on my face, I’ll still go after what I love like she does, and not sit morose in a corner, consumed by self-loathing like Mr. Darcy, which is not a good look on a 28-year-old woman. And I hope I shall be able to win you over. And throw a blog party, without fear of it being a socially-repellent disaster.

My twitter, should you so wish to follow ‘it’ and enlighten me on how to go about it:

How do you stay excited about blogging?


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17 thoughts on “Real Time Ramble: Blogging and Chatting

  1. Another well thought out post full of things to discuss…which it seems like you are up for! I have never done a blog event like you describe. I’ve had one blog meetup with a few local bloggers several months back, and belong to one blogging group on FB where we occasionally trade ideas and support. One of the best things that brought me in contact with a number of different types of bloggers was when someone hosted a social media share. It was just about getting to know one another outside of our blogs, but using the blogging as the core. It worked pretty well. I do think WordPress does itself a great disservice though by not being able to easily find like minded bloggers easily. I can go to ‘Discover’ but that is only a select portion of bloggers, and it doesn’t change as quickly as it should. And unless I have missed it, there no longer seems to be a way of just looking up ‘photography blogs’ any longer, or literature, music, essays, or whatever else you want. So I find myself locked into a core of bloggers like you I have been following for awhile now, and new ones via Community Pool or just by commenting. I do agree and appreciate however that WordPress is as you say, one of the only sites online where you can still have honest discussion. Yes, Facebook has conversation, but its rarely like this, which is why I hang out here the most these days.

    In answer to your question though, I stay excited these days by trying different things, such as I just did with my fiction piece. Reading other blogs helps, but like you said, its tough to find new inspiration. I haven’t forgotten that you asked me to write a piece for you too. It is in my blogging notebook to do someday! I did not read all of your Bridget Jones posts but what I did see was very clever. I liked the movie the one and only time I saw it, so I may have been at a disadvantage. I’d say for keeping fresh, just keep being and doing what you want to do, like with the Bridget Jones thing, and like with this essay. I had my little funk a month or so again and what got me out of it was writing a post about…not being able to write a post. Don’t laugh, it worked!

    1. I have written quite a number of posts on not being able to write a post, and it does work! You need to address the why behind the block, and it might even help unblock it. As for Bridget Jones, I’m surprised by the number of readers I’ve had! It follows events in the latest book where Bridget is in her 50s, which a lot of people can’t relate with, who otherwise know her only from the previous material. I’m surprised myself that I’ve been able to write about a woman in her 50s from a different culture. I highly recommend the books. It’s not ‘chick lit’ as some people like to call it, but just a hilarious take on a woman coping with the modern world. More in the vein of the Adrian Mole diaries, than ‘chick lit’.

      I think you should just go ahead and write that guest post!

      1. I believe my wife has one of the books. If so I’ll check it out. I would never be surprised by your writing ability and relating with someone outside your culture and age range. You are a good writer plain and simple. Someone said something I really appreciated on my latest post which is that even for a short piece I had to know about the historical references I weaved into the piece. You very much did the same thing. You enjoy culture and it shows that you are well versed in aspects of it, so when you write a series like that it shows. You also clearly spend a lot of time just thinking…which to me might be the most important aspect of being a good writer (note, writer and not just blogger). Its those machinations that go on inside your brain that make it all come out so well on the page/screen, and you my friend possess that in bucket loads. I mentioned the guest spot because you did and just to say that I have not forgotten it at all. I have a fairly busy summer lined up but I’m still planning on getting back to it. It is in my notebook to do so!

      2. And you, if I may say so, possess that American spirit of generous complimenting! Goes with the optimism, I guess. There is a version of that in India too, usually laced with metaphors, and individual achievement seems always to be connected to its consequences for the universe as a whole. Like a ripple effect. I don’t know why I turned out to be so English about it, being suspicious of praise, but craving it at the same time. But thank you, as usual, for your generosity.

        I recently wrote a Bridget Jones post on Brexit. It wouldn’t have occurred to me, if a reader hadn’t asked what Bridget would make of it. It really challenged me, both from a creative and personal point of view. As an outsider, and considering the reasons behind the Brexit outcome, I really wasn’t the person for the job. But, I felt obligated to point out all the wonderful things that make Britain what it is to the world, without politicizing it. Usually Bridget is all stark raving mad comedy based on real issues, but it is an interesting exercise for an outsider, especially following Brexit.

      3. It’s a long weekend here (Independence Day on Monday) and I’m going to try to read your Bridget Jones series in full. I’m wondering if like me, you consider yourself an anglophile? Actually I’d say I used to be more of one growing up, and was obsessed with British culture, accents, cars..whatever the case was. I say this because of your last point about all the good things the British have brought to the world. Without politicizing it either, I think collectively they need to get that back somehow. Strange times lie ahead. As to the compliments it goes both ways, since you leave me excellent comments as well. I think we all have that element of oh no’re being too kind while privately smiling and relishing the praise.

      4. I wouldn’t say I’m an anglophile. Not in a specific way. I grew up tri-lingual, with one of the languages being English. I also went to English-medium schools, and ended up studying English literature in college. I can’t say it’s a specific thing for me, like being Francophile was (trying to learn the language, watch the films, engage in the fashion, history, music, literature, try to like cheese and understand why cabbage is so special etc.), Brit things have always been there. I used to be obsessed with the Scottish accent, mainly due to Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson. I tried, a wee bit aye, but it’s very hard to do, while Irish is impossible, even for Brit actors.

        I’m pleased to know you’ll give my Bridget posts a read. I hope you enjoy them!

      5. Aye, it canna bee difficult tae spake with a Scottish burr! I don’t know how I really stumbled on it, I guess it was just a culture I found fascinating overall. It could have just as easily been French, or Italian or Indian. I look forward to your series!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I am not a creature of twitter, instagram, facebook, whatever a snapchat thing is, youtube because that means I would probably have to show my face and have some sort of personalty. I don’t even have a twitter account, even though all the social media pros say to have one. But if I did, I would totally follow you!
    I think my problem is that I get over-simulated too easily. And social media can be very draining. And sometimes even depressing. Plus, I am a very private person. So far I feel safe posting on my blog about crazy life things or stories about my kids, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing that on multiple social media platforms. But that’s just me.
    So you say you want to host a blog party…hmmmmmm…will there be cake at this party?

    1. I agree completely. I don’t think I’d do it unless there was a nagging feeling that I should be doing it (any of it, including blogging). I do like the idea of writing something like a newspaper column, whether it be an observational, culture essay, or something like Bridget, which also started as a newspaper column. But, all the rest of it – photos, editing, liking, promoting etc., always seem more like a hassle than something engaging. I’m glad to know there are other millennials like yourself who feel this way!

      Honestly, Tamara, I’m scared nobody would drop by if I hosted a party! There will be pictures of cakes if you want it. I’d happily have social media pages dedicated to finding the best cake pictures on the internet! I think I should just go ahead and have a blog party, maybe next week, and brace myself for potential humiliation!

  3. Wow, there were a lot of spelling mistakes in what I just wrote you! Ha ha! That’s what I get for not proofreading before I hit the “post comment” button. And this is why I should stay away from posting even more things on social media!
    …And I call myself a writer. :/

    1. You sure this comment was meant for me? Because I didn’t see spelling mistakes.

      Okay, I went back and found two errors – “simulated” should be stimulated I believe, and that posting line, but I read them as you meant them. So, no problemo, you’re still an excellent writer!

    1. Ha ha! I sound like someone in their 80s when I refuse to WhatsApp! Honestly, I’d much prefer snail mail. Though that’s maybe taking it a bit too far.

    1. I hope to host a blog party soon, where it would be lovely if you could introduce your blog in the comments section, for others to see and read your blog! I shall be reading it myself. You’re invited!

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