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Of A Second Blog Anniversary


It seems earlier this week, May 22nd to be precise, was my second blog anniversary. Or blogiversary, as it is called. I have been doing this regularly for two years now. Yay, blog. Yay, my blog readers. Yay, me.

Most of all, yay the incredible fact that this has been going on for so long. I’m not commitment-phobic per se, but there are a few things for which I have a resignation letter in my pocket at all times, and this is one of them. Mainly because, I am not answerable to anyone but myself here. That is the pleasure of having a niche blog – you grow accustomed to being the Queen of your Queendom. With no courtiers breathing down your neck. Your subjects are well-fed, even complaisant to the quirks of your personality. Of course, things can get too comfortable sitting on this well-cushioned throne. You hear of wars in far-off places, lands prospering through naval ambitions, and suddenly, the quiet bliss you live in isn’t enough. Your royal attitude takes a 180 degree turn, and you decide to don your sword and shield and go to war against your ally, leading your army of soldiers who’d been sedentary all this time. Your boredom causes you to change, but your subjects don’t approve of it…

Now, I’m not sure whether there is a blogging equivalent to all that metaphor. And I’m not about to bring war anywhere near this safe, little domain of mine. I look back on the year that is gone, just as I had on my first anniversary. There is a lot of variety – six-word stories, poetry, book and film reviews, a podcast, a couple of Shakespeare readings and even a karaoke. Statistically, it is humble as ever, and I am still to blame for that on two counts: 1) lack of social media promotion and 2) lack of trying to make this blog more readable viz. write less dense paragraphs and sentences, enhance blog design etc.

Blogging can feel thankless sometimes. Most bloggers may feel it is inappropriate to admit it, but everyone one of us must have felt that our blogs deserve more readers than they get. And as a blog reader, I would say it is true. The content is there, otherwise you wouldn’t have the handful of readers you do. But, a blog isn’t all content. Think of it like a book. Would you pick up the tattered, A4, unbound manuscript of a must-read novel or its brand new, attractively designed and packaged hardback?

Also, I feel I have deviated too much from the Of-finess of this blog. I think I have lost readers, mainly because I haven’t been doing much of what I set out to do. I only presume, but my readership here solely, a 100%, consists of those who are interested in reading short, observational essays on universal topics. That’s it. Nothing too fancy-schmancy. Everything else I try are just indulgences, and mainly because I was advised not to start another blog for them.

I want to get back to basics. I edited my earlier essays here, but I remember there was a simplicity to them, mainly because I didn’t know anything about blogging to complicate them. One complication that has been bothering me for nearly a year is the book I’ve been working on that is based on this blog, but let’s not get into that. I hope it will see the light of day, but that’s all I can say about the matter. Here, I just want to feel excited about writing again. To have an idea, follow it through, and not think about it too much as I share it. Because, that is why I started this whole thing, you know? Not to make a brand, a thing, a business, whatever. But, just to share opinions.

However, thank you so much for putting up with all the quirks this past year. I’m grateful for every response you made, statistically or commentarily. Even queens get lonely, writing administrative documents in the comfort of their rooms. Sometimes, they even wish for an agitation in court, just to know if the people around them are listening at all to these reforms and bills they pass every other day. I almost wish I could pass my queendom to someone else. To make it better. More alive. But, editors charge way too much, and there’s not enough gold in the treasury at this moment. I’ll have to rely on the kindness of my readers for now.

What changes or improvements would you like to see on Of Opinions?


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9 thoughts on “Of A Second Blog Anniversary

  1. If you had any doubt about why people want to read your blogs, then your creativity in writing this post proves it! I love how you put this in the guise of your ‘Queendom’. But I get ahead of myself. First off, congratulations on the milestone. I know what you mean about it being yours, and yours alone. There was a time when I thought about exploring making mine into a brand, opening up the concept and seeing what others might make of it. But I realized that it wasn’t catching on quite in the way I had dreamed of. Rather than get upset by that I just retreated into writing more. From last August on I really stepped it up and that means more to me than having it be an ‘experience’ of some sorts. However I do still pass out business cards I made for my blog to interested people!

    But I very much understand your point here overall. It can be a thankless endeavor at times. There are posts of mine that I thought I really did a great job on-readable, engaging, good photos, good song and nothing much came out of them. I even wrote an entire 4 part series that failed to generate much interest. Based on that I knew I had to either stop or change, which is about where I am now. As to your own excellent blog, other than it being one of my most favorites…and I genuinely mean that, I don’t quite see a reason for much change or improvements. Your essays are ALL unique, partly because you are a gifted writer and they are written well (which sadly, not all blogs are, my own included). I do think some are written purely in the hope of massive social interaction and hits. I’d be lying if I would say that I wish I could have some of that, but like I said earlier, it is what it is. But they are also unique in part because the topics you write about are pretty unique as well. In this day and age of instant news and everything being a rush, writing like yours doesn’t come along much. Yes there are novels, but I only have time to read those when I’m commuting, or sitting on my balcony at home. Essays like yours can be read at any time, like for me, right now at work..taking a few moments from mindless data entry. It is a rare talent. So I say, keep going with what you want to write. I know you have Twitter, but I think you should open up to more social media/sharing your posts in other ways. I’m happy reading them here, but I’d love for more people to come across your writing, bottom line. Congratulations 🙂

    1. Well, Robert, you’ve outdone yourself in your generosity this time! I’m not sure I deserve it, but thank you. Essays haven’t been that popular in recent years, mainly because people prefer reading numbered lists on the internet. It is more of a ‘paper’ or slow-reading form. I personally just enjoy reading them, whether they be classics or magazine articles. They’re like poems or short stories, to provide a complete, satisfied feeling, in less time. The only difference is they usually have only one character – the writer. And that, especially when it comes to lighter subject matter than, say, an article on politics, means it reads almost like a letter would. And though we don’t write letters as much as we used to, some of us do still enjoy reading them!

      Thank you again for the suggestions. I do think it’s time to take to twitter and pinterest properly, as I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I guess, I’m just much more indifferent to social media than I had even thought myself to be. It’s nice to come on WordPress and say what’s on your mind, or read articles and comment on them if you feel inclined to it. But, I find other social media more overwhelming. They can be fun in their own way, but I guess they’re not my cup of tea. I “need” them to build a writing career, and we all have to do things we don’t like or understand, so I guess I should just work on it!

      1. Nice of you to say that but its really the truth. Maybe it is different there, but I think a big reason for the lack of essays is the death of the magazine over here. Sure there are still a lot of them, but so many more of them turned into online magazines and I don’t think it translates the same way. So I think you are right in the way it reads..almost like a letter as you mention. I do still occasionally break down and write someone an actual letter, and I sure enjoy reading them myself! I think we have discussed how social media can definitely be overwhelming. But here’s something that may help-you yourself don’t have to actively participate in the social media in order for your work to be seen. Yes, you have to spend some time, building contacts, making the occasional comment, etc…but you can let the tools on the site-pins, tags, etc work for you without having to do too much. Just an idea. Congratulations once again!

      2. Thank you, again! Yes, I guess I have to find out how tags etc. work on things like twitter. It’s actually the content I worry about more. I don’t know what to say! The limitations involved in all other social media (even youtube, where you spend eons uploading a video that is ten minutes long) makes me feel like WordPress is the only place for me.

        I used to buy and read paper magazines too, like Reader’s Digest, Rolling Stone etc. But, now they’re just so overpriced, especially considering I can get the same or similar content online, that I’ve stopped buying them. I still get ‘paper’ newspapers daily, but I’ve noticed poorer writing and more typos in them, simply because people don’t notice those things as much online. I don’t know if these things will ever make a comeback, but I do hope the quality gets better.

      3. I agree about social media, and particularly in the last year as I have gotten to know more and more bloggers, I spend more time on WordPress than I do on other social media. I actually dislike Twitter and Tumblr, but they are undeniably good tools for blog promotion if you tag correctly. I used to buy a lot of music magazines especially-couple of folk based ones, and I used to love MOJO, but I can’t remember the last time I bought one. Part of that is that the price, as you say has gotten high, and also, its hard to find them anymore, for the ones that actually do print. Bookstores are vanishing throughout NYC, which was always my primary source for buying them. As to newspapers, I get them on the weekend which I still enjoy, but it too has changed. Ah progress….

      1. Thank you! I’m soooo behind on posting and commenting and answering comments! Going to try to catch up a little. I hope you are well and had a lovely week.

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