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The Dark Sea

Anticipation is Anxiety
But, The Stage is Home.

The Lights go on
The Curtains draw
Black Sea of Calm ahead
Finally, I go on
Free of waiting
To jump into
The Unknown.

Art or Farce
Whatever happens, is no more.

They get their money
On the clock for 2 or 3.
A beat lost can’t be regained.
Flash of truth can’t stay the same.

“All the world’s a stage”
But, too much time is spent in Rehearsal,
Thinking of Post-Mortem,
With little relish for The Show.

But, I am here
By the Dark Sea
Looking back at me
Throwing its hard-earned money
Sweeping in waves
Its laughter and delight.

And all I can do,
Is entertain her
With no time for thought
Before or After.

If the moment’s gone
The Dark Sea will
Banish me from its shores
Or swallow me whole.


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