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You rely on his critique
Though he begins to resemble an antique.
The beholder ripens with age
The beauty is compelled to stay the same.

High or Low
Wherever your tendencies go
He, if ever a She,
Like a dog preferring his master’s acrylic cushion
To the wild grass of freedom.

But, his kind no longer holds reign
Democracy seeps into his solitary fame.
Borrowed opinions spread like a contagion
Everyone says the same thing,
To be defied by none.

You resemble this relic
Even if you hold a freshly-minted ribbon.
Institutions are derelict
Taste and opinion are only instant.

Everyone is called upon to ponder
By a comments section, if you look yonder.
Your opinions matter, if only to start a fight.
Likes and thumbs up decide the greatest might.


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12 thoughts on “Critique

  1. ‘taste an opinion are only instant’ – I really like that line.
    I find I don’t necessarily like a lot of the things right away that I end up loving later. I recognize the irony that I clicked the ‘like’ icon on this post but that shouldn’t be confused with a click & move on reation, I find I often think about the poems read here & on sourgirl’s site after the fact.

    1. Sourgirl’s poems definitely get me thinking! What is brilliant about them is that they are so spare, but give so much to think about.

      I don’t remember exactly why I wrote this poem, but it was likely about feeling “sour” against the whole culture of music criticism. Often, reading reviews make me angry, and having a comments section means the more opinionated the piece, the more vitriolic the comments!

    2. I love you guys. What a nice ego boost, right here in your comments section!

      “Borrowed opinions spread like contagion” I love this line though I don’t, of course, love the idea. I avoid the comments sections of a lot of articles because it’s just nauseating how hateful people can be.

      1. It really is. I make it a point never to read youtube comments, because they can destroy whatever pleasure you felt whilst watching the video. And I especially find some sensationalist comment made about a musician seems to keep rearing its head in other comments. Especially, I find it strange how people keep commenting under the videos of musician they don’t like. If it’s an article, I understand why you might want to read it even if you don’t like the subject. But, why consciously and repeatedly watch videos of people you can’t stand and leave comments on them? People seem to have a lot of time on their hands!

      2. To seek out videos by an artist you know you don’t like just to leave nasty comments? That’s trolling. And it’s just plain mean, for lack of a better word. And yes, some people have WAY too much time on their hands!

      3. It’s frightening how many people behave:
        1) when behind a car windshield
        2) when in the stands of a hockey arena
        3) in online comments sections. I’ve been lucky to avoid the trolls on my site so far. thanks to wonderful bloggers like you two, the comments section is a wonderful place, which is such a nice change from most comments sections!

  2. “Democracy seeps into his solitary fame.”

    I was struck by this line. Today is March 15, the Ides of March. And Super Tuesday in the US.

    The assassination of Julius Caesar. The suicide of the GOP — at least at the Presidential level?

    It’s weird year.

    “Everyone is called upon to ponder
    By a comments section, if you look yonder.
    Your opinions matter, if only to start a fight.
    Likes and thumbs up decide the greatest might.”

    So that’s my opinion.

    1. I didn’t realise it was the ides of March! I wrote this a while back, possibly out of feeling bitter towards reading online music articles. I listen to more female artists than male, and even with the most critically acclaimed, it is hard to read a piece of criticism without some sexist remark or other. It only gets worse when you look at the comments section, where even a fair, level-headed comment can spark a massive amount of hate.

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