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It happened
While I made other plans.
Lennon warned
But, I never did take a chance.

I led two lives.
One in my head, that none could see.
One in my limbs, that none could…see.

I lived inside much more
Than I live out.
“Inside, Outside
Nowhere is Home.”

Perhaps, my time is gone
I never was, for I never began.
This phantom bear got dragged around.
In ashes and dust, they will let her sleep.

This 12th Life
Was too tiresome
To match enthusiasm
With energy.

I’m completely undone.
All these molecules
Are a chimera
Holding together
A spectre of an idea.


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6 thoughts on “Life

  1. That’s one of my favourite Lennon lyrics, a song-stopping line.
    Interesting notion of matching enthusiasm with energy, I hadn’t thought of them being separate but now that I read that stanza, I can picture times where I’ve had one without the other, the timing’s been slightly off.
    Nice post

    1. Thank you! Lennon is always a great source of inspiration and is endlessly quotable.

      Enthusiasm is the will to do something, isn’t it? Having passion for something without the capability/energy to get it done. That’s how I see it, anyway.

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