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Song for David

You cut my heart with a Bowie knife
But, now you’ve gone 100,000 miles
And I’m feeling very scared.

You blew Stardust in my eyes
Imagine my surprise to know
You won’t shine your oddly blues again.

Oh, Davy Jones
All those years ago
It was you and me
And endless loops of “Heroes”.
Oh, Davy Jones
If the stars were in my control
I’d blow their shine
On all your precious lows.

Did they tell you?
There’s life on Mars after all.
Did you hear them?
They called you Rock God.

Forget their growing reverence
Who cares for their assigned relevance?
Starman, your stardust
Shines across all eminence.

Repeat Chorus

How can one compress
Their dreams of ten years in a sentence?
I guess all I’m trying to say is
You’ll never be the past in my memories.

Repeat Chorus



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9 thoughts on “Song for David

    1. It’s only playing his music that is helping me keep myself together. Otherwise, I’ve been sick all week, and feeling absolutely wretched since this. Have you listened to Blackstar? Astonishing album.

      1. I have heard it. Though I have mostly been shuffling through some of my favorite albums. David Bowie is another class act I learned to love as a child, as I had teenage siblings who played music all day, every day. So I have many, many memories that come up when I listen to Space Oddity or one of the older albums. A deep connection exists.

        I hope you are feeling better soon. Lovely tribute, I’ve read so many of them this week, and I just don’t seem to get tired of them. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I have a melody for it that is based on “Drive-in Saturday” but I haven’t had the time to work it out on the keyboard. I’ve been feeling absolutely wretched. Have you listened to his new album Blackstar? I highly recommend it if you haven’t. It’s on his Youtube channel.

      1. Oh you play? Must tell me about that some day! I think everyone is. He meant so much to music and fashion, and even acting for so long. He was an enigma on some levels, yet seemed utterly approachable. I regret not bumping into him at the Strand bookstore, which was one of his favorite NY stops. I watched the video the other day. Have not listened to the album yet but will check it out on YouTube. I think the video will wind up being as memorable and effecting to people as Johnny Cash’s video for ‘Hurt’.

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