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Of Weird Dreams – I Have Skills


I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I probably had a better dream than you did yesterday. Liam Neeson showed up and defended me. I rest my case.

I was in some sort of largish boat race, where I happened to be the captain that the rest of the team, quite vocally, did not like. It was tense, it was cold, it was dark, it was hungry, it was dawn in this dream situation, and this boat race was seriously competitive and important. One of the elders of the community who happened to be on the boat, Liam Neeson, stood up for me and silenced the rest, while we ended up racing to an ancient, exotic island to considerable success (i.e., we didn’t win, but we got close).

I copiously thanked him, he laughed it off like it was a trivial matter and enlisted my talents as a stylist and professional gift-buyer to buy something for his wife of five years. And then, we went to the most impressive mall, constructed with wood and stone, selling all kinds of rich goods. Being the perfectionist I am, it took many silks carefully studied from store to store, and before we could zero in on one, I had to wake up. Neeson remained the patient, if somewhat weary, gentleman.

There, not much of a story, but I had to tell you when Liam Neeson showed up in my weird dreamworld. I’ve never seen him in this sort of a period piece (unless you count Star Wars), or that many movies of him, to be honest. I’ve never seen any of the Takens, or other action flicks. I guess he stayed in some part of my consciousness because I stumbled upon recently on a video of him reading Justin Bieber lyrics. I was in pieces when he said, “Swag, Swag, Swag”.

I don’t know what this dream represents about my psyche. Maybe, that I might make an inept and unpopular boat race captain, but a too meticulously detailed shopper? I wish I had that professional stylist job though, in real life. I’m just glad Liam Neeson could make use of my particular set of skills.

Do you enjoy Liam Neeson movies? And, do you get weird dreams?


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17 thoughts on “Of Weird Dreams – I Have Skills

  1. I laughed so hard at the “swag, swag, swag” part 😀 I think the only Liam Neeson movie I have watched was that one with the crazy pack of wolves (the name of the movie is slipping my mind right now). I’ve never had a star show up in my dreams before, though I keep waiting for George Clooney to make an appearance 🙂

    1. You should watch him reading those lyrics, in front of Bieber! I don’t know the actual song, so I think it would be funnier for those who do. I have actors in my dreams often. Usually, I have people in my dreams that I personally know, and those are emotional not weird dreams. I’d be more than happy to have Liam Neeson visit me again! And surely, you must have seen Love Actually, that also had him.

      1. I’m afraid I have never watched “Love Actually”. This is probably due to the word “love” being in the title and me being a cold, empty soul who gave up watching romantic comedies a long, long time ago lol

      2. I suggest you remedy that instantly, because I know you will like that film. And it is about all kinds of love. For example, Neeson’s character loses his wife in the film, and his story is centred around his relationship with his seven year old stepson. Friendships, adultery, family relationships that hold you back, all kinds of love are explored, and not always in a sugary-sweet manner.

  2. Yes, love Liam Neeson movies – he’s great in Les Misarables! Yes, I’ve had stars show up in my dreams, and it really feels like a movie when they do, it seems to be the movie they starred in and I just happen to be in it….I’m more of an observer, but I remember helping with things – No I don’t want to be an actor. I like to help and that’s probably why I end up with a “helping role” – Haha.

    1. That is interesting! Was he in the recent film of Les Mis, with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway? I’ve completely forgotten, though I guess you are talking of a stage version. I imagine myself sometimes in such situations too, though they are daydreams, not night dreams! A favourite of mine is getting stuck in a period novel or film, like the Lost in Austen series!

  3. Having seen all the “Taken” films, I can attest that Liam Neeson is a superhero. Check him out in “Darkman” too if you get a chance. And yes, I have had the weirdest dreams.

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