10 thoughts on “Brief

  1. Brief can be good! I’m often vague in my writing, and brevity is a handy tool when trying to be vague.

    Or sometimes, it’s just that you can say what you’re trying to say in a few words, and no filler is needed.

    1. That is so true. I was just thinking recently, when talking to someone about Truman Capote, how I admire his writing style. I haven’t read him in years, but if I had to pick a writer to emulate, it would be him. He always wrote just as much as was required. And so plainly. It was so supple and readable. Our mutual favourite Dorothy Parker is, of course, another mistress of the brief. I am always fumbling with my endless sentences and paragraphs, wanting to chop it all into halves, so I am always in admiration of those who do brevity well. You certainly do it!

      1. I’ve always enjoyed the length of your posts, being able to expand on a thought and clearly explain yourself is a gift. Brevity is almost something I hide behind, though I do feel I express myself better that way, at times.

        Much love to Ms. Parker, always 🙂

        Your post here inspired me to write one. I’ll surely mention you as my inspiration. Thank you for that!

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