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Of 2016 Resolutions – Blogging and Beyond

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I’ve been thinking about how to write this. Many of you have already posted yours, that have either dealt with separately or combined these elements – looking back and looking forward. Last year, I didn’t have all that much to look back on, for I had only been blogging for six months. I was still trying to find my way, and it wasn’t till the WordPress statistical review showed up that I decided to dutifully act on it, and make a few plans for ‘blogging 2015’. But, I’ve decided not to focus only on how far I achieved those goals, and what goals I hope to achieve in 2016. My main goal, for all things blogging and beyond, is to change strategy completely. It’s the new year, and for once, I’d really like things to be new.

I think a lot. The couple of essays that you get week after week, month after month, are usually products of much deliberation. They are not fresh in my mind when I write them, nor are they over and done with when I have published them. In fact, I have noticed how my opinions on things have changed over the past 1.5 years, when I myself do not agree with some of the things I believed in before. As annoyingly as film companies, I feel the need to come up with sequels for my own essays, or take the route of our current Golden Age of Television and write a series on something for which a single post isn’t enough. I’ve done both to some degree in the past year, and you haven’t been too hard on me for contradicting myself. Contradictions are good, you know. They may not get you anywhere, but they make you more honest and open to situations.

But, my new, life-changing strategy for myself is to feel more. I’ve been feeling it already, the need to feel more, in the last 3-4 months, and I’d like to work more on that. I’ve been wanting to go on a culture detox, which maybe the death knell for a culture blogger and addict, but hear me out. I’ve had enough of talking about books and music and the mind and behaviour of people. I don’t want to leave civilization and go and meditate somewhere, but I want to experience the objects of beauty and excitement in my world without feeling the need to assess them. I want my writing to become more impressionistic. I’ve been logical, analytical, organised for the last ten years in my life, and I feel it really isn’t who I am. I am not the opposite either, so don’t think I’m going to go destroy the system or something. Instead, I want to integrate.

It is universally believed that writing is provocation. Power. The pen is mightier than the sword et al. And it is true, for the foremost aspect of our culture, our lives is writing. Social media. Commentary. People who couldn’t be bothered with writing even a paragraph in school cannot imagine a life without texting. I’ve imagined myself a writer before all this, and was quite an activist in my mind when I was young and brave. But, now, writing for me has to be accommodation. I’ve always had two major goals in life. One, to be making things, preferably in the arts. Two, to help people. I’ve found both quite difficult to achieve in surprising ways, but I feel I can integrate both in what I feel I do best – write. Yes, yes, I only have a humble little blog, one that hasn’t progressed much statistically in the past year. But, I am going to let all those writing/blogging/living rules and expectations be, and go with my guts.

They need a break themselves, especially with all my horrid food habits lately. ‘Get healthy’ is definitely a classic goal that remains on the list this year, as it will for all eternity, for all of mankind. But, mostly, I am going to go deliberately against the grain for myself and not try and organise life into lists, only to feel bad about not accomplishing them. This past year has been very erratic for my blog here, and though I did achieve most of my goals that I set last year, I didn’t always enjoy it. In fact, I felt like quitting many times, but only stayed put because of the kindness of strangers, i.e. you, dear readers. I believed that you cared about what I had to say, and so I kept trying to fulfil that, no matter how contrary I felt. I am not being cheesy or sentimental when I say this, it really was you that kept this blog going for the whole of this year. I am totally gobsmacked when I look back at all the things I posted here for an entire year!

Thank you for sticking around, for supporting me, for sharing your views, for helping this blog grow. I can’t estimate the effect it has had on its readers around the world, but for the one-woman writer/creator/editor/showrunner, it has meant so much. So, unquantifiably, much. Therefore, keeping with my supergoal for 2016, here’s a heartfelt thanks and cheers to you for the year we leave behind and the year that is upon us!

What are your 2016 resolutions?


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15 thoughts on “Of 2016 Resolutions – Blogging and Beyond

  1. I really like what you say here and I welcome the changes that will come. In fact I cannot wait to have a ‘fresh’ set of topics from you to interact with and discuss. I know about the self doubts of blogging and I too considered giving it up in August of this year after my 50th post. After a rethink and change of focus, I wrote 28 more! So I think that change in your subject matter and approach will be great. I thank you (of course) the kind words you have for my blog, and I appreciate the fact that you thank us, your readers. But..I would like to say thank you TO you. For being so honest and forthright about your life. It is genuinely refreshing. I don’t really do resolutions, though I share the same perpetual get in shape one. I am fairly active, but I would like to step it up again. A new job is probably the top one. I want to find something that meets the creative side in me that has been unleashed with my blog, and not just a punching the clock situation. Lastly, for the blog itself, I plan on some other changes. I have been thinking of changing the tag line to my blog to reflect it being in essence, a multi-media blog. Its not just about the words with me as you know. The words fit the song which fit the photo which fits the words in what I hope comes off in a cyclical sort of way. Beyond that I want to use the blog to more effectively branch off into other areas. I have thought about it before, but I have considered doing a multi-media show , and I have some other ideas like getting my photography out to the world in other ways, writing some more short fiction pieces. I also have had a research idea in mind for years, and have decided this will be the year I want to start pursuing it. If the initial explorations go well, I may serialize the results on my blog.

    So, I have a lot planned. Its funny though. I just wrote a post last night using the loneliness and beaten down in life aspect of Jimmy Cliff’s song Many Rivers To Cross combined with this idea of the New Years resolution. What I realized is that the resolutions are great but it is that ever so slight nudge forward, every year that sustains us somehow. We may not cross the river, but we aim to get closer somehow. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    1. Great resolutions! I wish you the very best of luck in following through! My only real life resolution for 2015 was to give up caffeine, which I didn’t. So, I decided to go with something hazier and unquantifiable this year, though I am highly doubtful of how it will turn out. We definitely need reminders throughout the year and not just during this time. But, that just goes to show how committed we are to it in the first place.

      1. Thank you! And no caffeine? That is rough! Its the blogger lifeblood! I know it really is just a crutch but its a crutch I don’t see a need to quit 🙂 As to the resolutions I am particularly excited for the research project, which surprise, surprise will be music related!

      2. I have a bit of a tea problem. I also used to have a coffee problem, which I overcame by substituting it with more tea. I tried substituting tea with orange squash in the summer, and I have to tell you, there isn’t enough orange squash in the world to make you want to give up tea. I just have a problem with anything I like, because I tend to like it too much. Which is precisely why I don’t go near the “big” properly addictive things in life.

        I very much look forward to your research project. Do tell me about it when you start working on it!

  2. I’m very curious about your goals here. I look forward to whatever new and original thoughts you have to offer the world, my friend.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year from over here on my side of the world 🙂

    1. Happy New Year! I look forward to your excellent posts as well. I don’t know how different mine will be from the usual, but I hope that they’ll still be interesting to my long-time readers, such as yourself!

  3. Okay. I think I am caught up now with your blog. Please don’t ever quit blogging. You do that and I will be forced to march to where you live (may take me a few days…and I will probably need a boat of some sort once I hit the ocean) and I will make you sit down and write out a post. And since I am Canadian, I will of course ask this in a kindly manner while sharing my poutine with you 😀 ~Sincerely that small girl who lives in Canada and is addicted to your blog

    1. Oh, Tamara, you’re making me laugh and cry at the same time! Seriously, this is the nicest thing I heard all day, so thank you so much. I will never give up writing, and I will always try to reach out to the people who support my writing. You could, of course, catch a plane and I’d do my best to be as pleasant a hostess as possible, with tasty but healthy Indian delicacies. Till then, I promise to always be writing for you, and, of course, reading your work too!

      1. Glad to make you laugh 🙂 And I’m serious. I’ll just show up at your front door one day and be all “Hello, eh! How’s aboot some tasty poutine and a couple of Tim Hortons coffee to go with it.” And then we can just eat and eat and eat and get fat because being skinny is so over-rated 😉 And I can tell you about Canadian things and you can tell me about Indian things–it’d be great! Oh! We could go notebook shopping! That’d be fun.

      2. That just seems like an AMAZING day! And you have to show me all the lovely landscape of Canada, and I’d be more than happy to oblige with ALL the baked goods of Tim Horton’s or any other Canadian food stops!

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