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You’re my poison
Running through my blood
On your own accord.

You need conjured love
To catalyse you.
Breathing release
Through laboured bagfuls of air.

Counterfeit happiness
You spread all through
All for a moment
Your toxin is only brief, but lethal.

I slave for you night and day
And despair at your unpredicted airs.

Love is my drug
But, it’s only any good
When you come to visit.


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3 thoughts on “Oxytocin

  1. My friend a nurse suffered this and tragically died in a car accident last year. I told myself I would help those that suffer from this and tragically other friends died from fetenyl. I believe. Thanks for the poem.

  2. Reblogged this on Iconography ♠ Incomplete and commented:
    There is a difference between love and oxytocin though oxytocin is prevalent in love it is not the only hormone and this is what Opi recognises 😀 Love becomes the drug when it overexaggerates its part meshed with oxytocin

    1. That is interesting! I am no biologist to know exactly how, and to what extent oxytocin figures in love. I’ve known about it vaguely, but recently I came across an article that suggests that low oxytocin levels, or the inability to adequately produce oxytocin, can cause depression. Which is interesting, because it would be a very valid physiological reason for a mental condition. It would explain why some people just can’t get happy! Even if there are many reasons in their life to be happy about. The poem mainly came about playing with “oxy”, i.e. representing oxygen and punning “tocin” with toxin. Thank you for reading, reblogging and sharing your thoughts!

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