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Un-Swift Love

This moment is gone
The lines are written
They mean nothing anymore.

This love’s past
I half-wish it’d last
To let these lyrics be born.

My mind’s not so Swift
To set to pen when you’re gone
Or to duplicate my feelings
For every new romance.

I’d rather have one of you
As long as it were true.
All this poetry could go to hell
If I could know your loving well.


Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

6 thoughts on “Un-Swift Love

      1. I have a more complicated relationship. I have a tendency to distance myself when an artist gets too big. But, confessional songwriting fascinates me. People like Amy Winehouse and Adele write confessionally too, and then there are classics like Joni Mitchell, of course. It seems like such an easy emotional and work formula from the outside: write about everything that happened to you, tell the world it is true, and make hit albums out of it. I don’t know about them, but it’ll make things worse for me emotionally if I did that!

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