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If I am a Poet

If I am a poet
I must not know it.
For with a propensity to rhyme
Comes the crime of showing it.

It were no sin
To say what you mean
In a world where thoughts are channelled
Through moral guardians whose minds are panelled.

But, I forever fail to please
In heart, in head, in manners of ease.

Such an oddity
In mind and in body.

Unrelenting Idealist
I am not your ideal anything.

I weaken, I scar
My dullness is
Unquestionably bizarre.

And yet, I write
For typing is better than to fight.

And not writing,
Might as well be dying.

What else is there in life?
When making things is your only strife?


Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

5 thoughts on “If I am a Poet

      1. NP Opi 😉 I love your blog. You are one of the people of WP who inspire me a lot. Another one who does is Mari Sanchez Cayuso 😀

      2. actually I once read on a online slash novel this guy called Epson have the nickname of Epi and I think that help me iterate Opinion into Opi 😀

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