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Task Master
The Devil’s Conceit
Under your heavy clouds
You leave me shackled
In Discipline and Misery.

Learn, learn Woman
From Love and Emotion
Slog at the cold stone wall
Till starved of every delusion.

Good begets good
The bad get their pay
Sun shines after the clouds
Are all lies they make you say.

But, I don’t stand deceit
Humility is my conceit
You will fall
And Fall again
Till you get accustomed
To the Earth
To life, to pain.

To the point you appreciate
Every morsel doled out to you.
Sparkling sugar
Rough-cut bread.

That is my lesson.
Never, never forget
What you are.
I stamp on your rose-tinted glasses
And spit on your stars.

Your dignity
Is not in your dreams
But, in the earth
You mould
Your life’s bread with.


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