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Dreaming of You

Will you not let me get on
With the things I must do?
It seems no hour is too long
To be spent dreaming of you.

Endless sojourns
In our perfect bliss
Made not of a quiet
And knowing peace
But, unquenchable mysteries.

Sometimes, I wonder
Is it the puzzle we love or each other?

The power of imagination
Was never lost on love.
It strengthens as it diffuses it
Acting in fleeting murmurs.

No one ever said
These moments of pleasure
Have a lifetime guarantee.

Even if they aren’t set in stone,
For now, my love
I will die many little deaths
To be blanketed by your transient dreams.


Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

16 thoughts on “Dreaming of You

      1. Of course! Apologies for not commenting on your writing as much these days. I’ve had some up and down days lately keeping me from doing much writing. Trust me though I read them all!

      2. I really appreciate it even if you read just one! I’m really amazed at all this poetry I’ve been putting up lately. I never thought I’d say this about my own blog, but an essay seems long over due! As I told you before, I really wouldn’t know how to respond to comments on my poetry. My biggest horror as a writer is to be reading “criticisms” of my work, things I myself have to churn out quite frequently for other people. I can’t imagine what it would be like if someone wrote “Sarkar hasn’t matured in her use of metaphors…” or something like that!

      3. I can understand what you mean about the criticisms. There is another blogger I follow on here who delved into poetry recently for the Writing 101 class. She does something almost similar to my blog in that she is very inspired by music and lets elements of the song inspire her, but this one she chose a painting my Salvador Dali to inspire her. She was very hesitant about it but looking at it with fresh eyes I thought it exquisite. Good writing breeds good skills towards poetry, fiction, whatever the case may be. I feel the same about your work so don’t be too harsh on yourself. Which reminds me that I haven’t forgotten about guest writing for you. I found a quote about the nature of criticism that seemed particularly apt the other night from a source that surprised me. Which reminded me to try and sit down and start work on the piece.

      4. Thank you! Poetry for me isn’t an easy thing, and never will be. It requires a quietness in life that I quite resolutely fight against. That’s why I am never good with poetry challenges, courses etc. I have no deliberation, no poetry making button I can just switch on so that the words may come. I feel it requires a certain emotional frame of mind, which isn’t always so accessible, for most people I think. But, I don’t think of writing poetry as something lofty or arty either. Lyrics are, of course, the delight of my life, and I feel anybody can sing along to a tune by coming up with words saying what they feel. It is more humble and truthful than prose because you don’t need to be “presenting” anything.

      5. Interesting distinction and I agree. I like how you put that. Curious if you have ever heard actual poems set to music? First one that comes to mind is a rendition of To Althea From Prison by Richard Lovelace. The poem has obviously been well known for a long time, but I have wondered if the ‘singing’ of it enhances or detracts from it? Conversely, I have never quite accepted that lyrics can be poems on their own. I’m thinking of your Bob Dylan’s and Leonard Cohen’s here. Just a debate I’d like to have some day (with the music) of course!

      6. Occupational hazard to have done both, and there are merits to both. It is such a joy to be reading out lyrics as poetry, not just the obvious people like Dylan or Joni Mitchell or more classical examples like Robert Burns and Shakespeare. It is a really interesting exercise to read, say, even a Michael Jackson lyric out as poetry, because you discover something different. It’s not like they are better or worse when independent of their music, just different. That is how I feel about covers too, the good ones of course. Not that they are better or worse than the original, just that they are different and interesting. For example, Adele covered The Cure’s “Lovesong”. I didn’t like the arrangement( neither did her mother, it seems!) but her vocals were moving and impressive as always.

      7. True. I think I have a hard time personally reading lyrics and not doing the tune in my head. I cannot separate them easily myself but when I do, I can admire the words on their own merit. Even if it comes from unexpected sources, like a Michael Jackson, or The Cure. A good lyric can absolutely grab you the same way a good line to a poem can and I don’t care who the source is.

      8. I too find it hard to separate the tune. This is something I personally learnt to do when I had to recite poetry for school lessons. I’d often recite songs just so I didn’t forget the lines! Conversely, and this is something many people do, I substituted song lyrics with schoolwork, like countries and capitals in Geography, to remember them! Sometimes, I wish life was a musical and we were singing all the time!

      9. Oooh I love that last line! Singing all the time! I don’t know if you have ever seen an old TV show called Cheers here, but they had an episode that was exactly that. The character was trying to remember geography for a test and made up a song-Albania, border on the A-Dri-atic! Lol. Never had a problem with geography (even won a world capitols contest once). Maybe I should have tried it with math which I’m abysmal at lol

      10. Ha ha, there is of course the phonetics song from Singin in the Rain. And the jazzy “Three is a magic number” for maths lol. I know about Cheers. It used to be on TV, but I’ve never seen it. Don’t they always have musical episodes in TV shows? I don’t remember which musical it was, I think Hairspray or Rock of Ages, but it hardly had any dialogues! That’s my ideal life, because I’m singing all the time anyway!

      11. I don’t sing…and you don’t want me to sing either (trust me) lol. Nor play guitar. But I always have a song in my head and am usually humming to it, or tapping my foot, or thumping my thumb on the desk to a bass guitar pattern or what have you. I think most TV shows have a musical of some sort eventually!

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