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Lonesome At The Movies

I ask for an aisle seat.
Take the notes, I insist
Let me do this.

Not further, neither too close
Away from any other
My movie and I must be alone.

Why is it a necessity
To have someone beside you
As the drama unfolds?

An empty seat is like any other
Not a triumph of solitude
But, expectant of nature.

Why have someone,
To laugh, discuss, disturb.
To grumble at overpriced popcorn
Or stale tacos.

I am here to be alone with art.

To replace for two hours
My loneliness with others’
Who are of no consequence to me.

My life is always by the aisle.
My dreams, forever on the screen.


Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

4 thoughts on “Lonesome At The Movies

    1. Thank you! I didn’t realise how representative of life in general those two lines were until I wrote them down. I’ve been thinking about it since. I’m glad you can relate to them as well!

    1. Ha ha! No, I do talk a lot during the movie, but I am also very, very focused on the movie. I’m often sitting up straight, at the edge of my seat. Easily bewitched by the big screen magic!

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