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Relief, Sweet Relief,
Why are you ever the cheat of me?

What have I ever done to you,
That you, fair maiden, should treat me so?

Why do we never meet?
Under the bowers of heaven
By the birch-green trees?

You know, it is by your invitation
I am allowed into your garden of Eden.

Then, why don’t you even deign to think of me?
But, leave me a wretch, in a more-wretched world.


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2 thoughts on “Relief

    1. I love John Keats. The “bowers of heaven” line and the “birch-green” trees are very Keats-inspired, though I checked if he had used those exact phrasings, which he hasn’t. The general idea is of very typical English Romantic poetry, personifying relief as an elusive beautiful woman. That elusiveness is the only part I really identified with, because being a highly anxious person, relief is something I am obsessed with!

      I don’t write any of this with any deliberation. I do labour on my essays, but these poems just come to me, and it only take a couple of minutes to write them down. I understand later what they were trying to say, and what they are influenced from. I haven’t even read any Keats in quite a while!

      Thank you for being interested!

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