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Sans Romans

All Quiet on the Blogging Front
As Neu romantiques
scribble away.

Month of November has only begun
But, my enthusiasm begins to sway.

Buried under discordant words and ideas
Their cacophony tearing me apart.

Will this never happen to me?
Will I remain sans romans, to die of a bitter heart?


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6 thoughts on “Sans Romans

      1. “Roman” is the word for novel (as in the book and not as something new) in German and French. It comes from Latin. “Sans”, as you guessed correctly, means without. I deliberately mixed German and French with “neu romantiques” at the beginning of the poem to pun on the English musical movement “New Romantics” as well as to mean new novelists for NaNoWriMo. Basically, all this is just punning on the word romans, to mean both romance, i.e. love, and novels. Thus, sans romans literally means “without novels” but when read out, can also mean without love.

        I hope that made sense! Sorry if I confused you too much!

  1. I really liked the multiple meanings of it. It’s pretty awesome and I really like it. You didn’t confuse me at all and a bit of confusion or healthy confusion as in you are using your wits is what makes riddles, poetry, stories even science admirable. Humans prefer simplicities but they also love complexities. To make a complex into a simple but not reductionist is a human art learned from God. It is a very valuable treasure.

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