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Of Writing and Challenges – Second Edition


Do you ever procrastinate on your proper writing by writing something else? Or is it just me? I have at least two big writing projects going on now, and a few little ones on the side, plus the upcoming NaNoWriMo venture which I am obsessively trying not to think about at all. This post will be a good old ramble, a sort of clearing-my-head. I haven’t done these for a while. I am surprised by the level of professionalism I’ve been betraying lately. At this rate, I could run the nation.

I went to the mall today, to meet a friend. There were some new massage chairs available for trial, and I really wanted to try them. I’ve been having strange ideas for adventures lately. I want to experience one of those 7D or 12D or whatever those movies are called. I want to try those gaming parlours for kids that we never had in my day. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. Maybe, because I’ve been writing so much, I want to write about anything except writing. I’m okay with writing as an act, but I just don’t want to write any of the stuff I’ve been writing. Neither do I want to challenge my brain with writing something else that is sort of biggish, or important-ish or, well, coherent-ish.

Ah, challenge. Almost forgot about that. Well, I’ve told you I entered NaNoWriMo this year. Already gave myself a long, rambly author bio. I feel so old. I first attempted NaNo in 2006. And maybe a couple of times after that. I remember entering the now defunct Script Frenzy in 2012, where you had to write 100 pages. Never finished any of the challenges, but NaNo wasn’t such a big affair back in my day! I have no idea what I wrote so many years ago. I do have my Script Frenzy β€œscripts”. One was a fan episode on The Mighty Boosh. I wish I had followed that through. I think it had potential.

I am trying not to think about it too much. I often dream up stories, with actors and characters to pass the time. Would qualify as fan fiction I suppose, but I’m too lazy to put them down. Matthew Macfadyen is my muse for my NaNo story next month. He’s always such a captivating actor, though it took me ten years to appreciate his Mr. Darcy. At least, Elizabeth Bennet was quicker in seeing his merits!

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever dismiss something, only to love it later? It never happens to me. For someone opinionated, I am very non-judgemental. What I love, I love earnestly. What I like, I like casually. What I don’t, I ignore. I’ve been told I’m quite fickle in my fanship/hood. That even with the things I love, I only go through phases. Except for The Beatles and Kate Bush, I suppose, that is true. There is so much out there.

I did successfully complete a challenge in November last year. It was National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. Wasn’t easy, coming up with a new post everyday. Must have written 25-30k publishable words, on new subjects everyday. I also realised my writing improved a lot that month. When I was looking through my archives here for my blog-book, I saw there was a clear difference in quality in November from the months before. There was confidence, which slowly subsided but, it was there. The result of a regular, engaged readership. Nothing feels better for a writer, than people being interested in what you do. Being featured on Freshly Pressed made that happen, for which I am ever as grateful.

Even as I am about to embark on fiction, I’ve developed new respect for writing essays. I used to think these are easy, light and spontaneous things. But there is crazed method to this madness. My blog-book has made me realise it is frustrating and humbling. Oh, and challenging is to put it lightly.

Have you been finding writing challenging lately?

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7 thoughts on “Of Writing and Challenges – Second Edition

  1. I could write a book on all the ways I procrastinate with my writing πŸ™‚ But that book would never get finished because, well, I’d be too busy procrastinating lol But I am determined to meet the 50,000 word goal for NaNo this November. I’m going to do it!

    1. That’s a great phrase! And, I like any excuse for dancing! For me, it’s compulsive escapism. There is something called maladaptive daydreaming. I am sure I have it. In fact, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m going to use all my “daydream time” in my NaNo time next month, and re-focus all those escapist urges there. I’m more excited about that than the 50k words!

      1. I just looked up “maladaptive daydreaming” and was frightened. Yes, I believe I am guilty of that as well. In fact, the obsessive thoughts that lead to my last novel can probably be chalked up to “maladaptive daydreaming”, except that I don’t insert myself into the story πŸ™‚ Maybe that keeps me on the functional side of crazy!

      2. Ha ha, I am sure that is possible! I am not as functional as I’d like to be, but I think when and why you daydream indicates more than what you actually daydream about. For me, it started when I found school work boring or difficult as a kid, and just got worse and worse. There can’t really be adaptive daydreaming, can there? Unless you are a writer, in which you should be dreaming/thinking while you are writing!

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