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Relieve Me

For Elizabeth,

Relieve me the tedium of this day, my love

This life, so dull and inconsequential without you.

For I shall surely perish in this dust and mite,
Without your hand to help me through.

Without your heart
so firm to rely on.

Without your speech
to play music in my ears.

Without your loving strokes
Of a most gentle hand,

I shall be graved before my years.

Relieve me thus,
And forever be at my stay.

Yours, Darcy


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10 thoughts on “Relieve Me

    1. Yes! Inspired by finally liking Matthew Macfadyen’s interpretation of Mr. Darcy in the 2005 adaptation. Didn’t understand what he was trying to do with it in all this time. Now I think Austen would have rewritten the character if she saw his performance. So much, in so little screen time…

      1. For me, neither the BBC series nor the 2005 film compare to the book, though both are competent in their own ways. I’m just surprisingly moved by Macfadyen’s performance. I always like him in other roles, but used to find this one confused and lacklustre. But, when I watched it recently I was blown away by what a well-rounded character he made out of Darcy. He clearly hasn’t read the book (he admitted it), but he just made it so much more believable and human. This poem came to me while imagining Macfadyen as Darcy saying it!

      2. Ha ha! He is! And a very talented actor. I highly recommend Death at a Funeral, the Little Dorrit series and The Way We Live Now. You might also like him as Oblonsky in Anna Karenina (2012). For someone who plays moody, romantic guys so often, he’s got great comedy chops!

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