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Of Pain

Scientists believe that pain is not a condition by itself, but a signal that is used to communicate another. As far as communication tools go, it does a bloody good job. If you could bottle it and sell it, you’d be surprised by the number of takers you’d have. And I am not just talking about sadists and masochists.

Neither am I talking about emotional pain. That is child’s play, compared to the real, physical one. Scientists also believe that pain is only something cognized, as it is a communication signal, and therefore can be ignored or overcome by training your mind to do so. For example, if you badly hurt your leg, as I have done, you already got the point. You were there when it happened. You didn’t even need something to coax you into noticing your leg. You witnessed it all, but that police siren just never seems to stop. Even when you are getting your verdict at the doctor’s.

Pain is emphatic, but ultimately ineffective. There wasn’t a single thing more ignored, more in need for evolution, than a living being’s experience of pain. We feel it, and respond to it, the same way we have done for thousands of years. We are no different than animals in this, but it is hardly the great equalizer. However, painkillers are no sign of evolution either. When taken in acceptable doses, they do nothing. Higher than that, they make sure you don’t end up doing anything else. The killer remains as inept as the disease.

I’ve been miserable (you know, beyond usual) due to extreme pain in my right leg the past two weeks. I also have a few other things I should be/ am desperately trying to work on. I also want to have ‘Of Opinions – the book‘ out by the middle of the next month, before NaNo season strikes. But, ah, nothing is going according to plan. I don’t even have the strength to churn out a blog post or two. Pain or not, that is something I always look forward to.

Please be patient with me and remember: I have a blog to run, and soon, I’ll have a book on it to promote too. I couldn’t do either without your support, so please bear with me. I hope to be back soon with my “prolific” blogging, as some of you like to call it, though I don’t think I write often or as much as I could. I’ve also been unable to keep up with some of your posts, something I hope to remedy soon as well. Till then, enjoy some Depeche Mode, telling you what you have to do “to make this life livable.” Forgive the almost pun, but this is a great paean to pain.


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7 thoughts on “Of Pain

  1. I don’t know if I speak for your other followers, but reading this right now can I just say, we will happily wait. A day, a month, whatever it is for more of your posts, not to mention your book, which is beyond exciting to hear about. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. We will all happily be here for you. I tell my friends all the time who say, I haven’t read it yet, referring to my newest blog. I always say the same thing. It’s there when you are ready. As we are with you.

    1. Exactly! I forget the term, but there is a condition in which people are unable to feel pain. Which I don’t think is enviable either, because you’d be unaware of something seriously wrong with your body, like being badly hurt after a fall or something, until someone points it out. Pain is definitely useful, and various degrees of it also indicate how bad a condition is, but I wish it wasn’t so constant and only came in bursts of information!

    1. Yes! Remarkably, my leg has improved since publishing this post! Still very delicate, but I have been able to move around a little. Glad to have you back. Hope you had a great holiday.

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