5 thoughts on “Six-word Story: Prejudice

    1. Yes! I actually had something else in mind when I wrote this story. I was thinking of some men catcalling women, and what I frequently feel when that happens to me. If things weren’t so hostile by this “pre-judgement”, that person and I could even have been friends.
      But, then I came across this picture, and remembered how “this” had felt far too many times. To be the object of someone’s ridicule, usually in a Mean Girls scenario, though these girls are mostly “angels”, and how much you feel as if you’d do them a favour by wiping yourself off the planet.
      Well, I guess the adult in me just wants to stand up for her! Though that feeling of rejection, or the memory of it, never goes away completely.

      1. haha… ahhh and how does it make you feel when men catcall you and how do you respond? Ohh I understand it helps to know that the ones ridiculing are suffering insecurities too and need a way to deal with it by ridiculing others.

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