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Of Friendship


You can test how true and real a friend is by this: how willing they are to accept and respect your mutual differences. It is not in your mutual similarities, or in your mutual compassion, that you can know a true friend. Those qualities make for good, and often great, friends. But, the same rules of love for familial and romantic relationships apply to friendship – they must accept and cherish you as you are, not as how they’d like you to be.

A short, quote-like post from me, since I couldn’t find a quote on friendship I wanted to share. Happy Friendship Day!


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4 thoughts on “Of Friendship

  1. Reblogged this on The eye and commented:
    Most friendship are amazing but some if not all friends, either want to be you or are jealous of you.NO ONE really accept you until you have something to offer them.The question is, do i have to be your friend if i don`t benefit from this friendship accept your friendship?.
    big-up true friends and family.we all have friends but some have families

  2. So True…. Finding out what we got in common is so important!…
    However, differences count … as variety is the spice of Life … [As the saying goes]…
    Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

    1. I’ve truly come to believe this. While similarities count in forming and sustaining a friendship, being able to accept differences is what will make it true. I have so many thoughts on this. Should write a full length post on it!
      Thank you for reading and sharing on twitter. I’m very grateful for your support.

  3. I agree, but not only is friendship based on that, but on respect. Especially when starting a new school, you’ve got to make choices: “Do they really like me!” “Are they pitying me?”, stuff like that. When making friends we often do things for people and they do things for us, but in any friendship there has to be respect. If a friend rely on you to do things for them, without taking your consideration, then it’s only one sided. Any friend would at least respect you to decide and be equal about it.

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