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Of Blogging Habits – Second Edition


One of these days, I’m going to find out who first said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Strictly speaking, it’s not like my blogging, or rather my posting habit is broken. More like, absent or sparse. In June I posted original content everyday except for Sundays, when I posted a quote. It was less hard work than I imagined it to be. But, a combination of factors* has resulted in July being a very sparse month. And I’m rather disappointed by it.

I had a pretty solid posting habit before June. But, let me start from the start. When I began in May 2014, I would post whenever I felt like it. It was a much more relaxed habit. I didn’t add pictures, I didn’t understand tagging and I didn’t have a specific time of day, or even a specific day to post. I did it when I felt like it, which is why I so thoroughly enjoyed it. This went on till the end of July, but August came and I fell from my enthusiasm. By the end of that month, to re-create that first-love magic, I drew up some blogging plans. I managed to keep most of my new goals, including the one that suggested I post twice a week, preferably on Monday and Friday. There are no specific reasons for the choice of these days, except they look rather organised and professional. Later, I added a Wednesday to it, and suddenly, I formed a habit that I kept, more or less, for a long time. Amazing!

Like most people, I find it difficult to form habits, and break them once they are formed. You see, you need a different type of psychological programming to post three 800-word essays on three specific days of the week. First of all, if you’re a blogger like me without serial or consistently themed content, you’re in for a hit-and-miss blogging situation. I did try a couple of serials – my Real Time Rambles and Throwback Thursdays. Both have done well, but the first one has sort of become therapy and the second has served its purpose for now. However, the bulk of my content is quite unrelated, and so it is difficult to come up with something new and finished in itself three times a week.

The surprising part about that is, it never gets boring. The thrice-a-week schedule is an imposition to keep me writing at all, but the lack of expectations in terms of what to write, makes me excited to make whatever random idea I get postable. And that, is what I miss. Writing random, weird things. I miss the exertion, the ability I have of surprising myself thrice a week when I am obliged to write for the world to see. I’ve even given up journaling for quite a while, a lifelong habit, so it’s been either grown-up, useful writing for me, or no writing at all. I sorely miss writing for myself, sometimes to myself.

It is a thrilling sensation for someone who has had anxiety all her life to do something she hadn’t planned or expected. It isn’t spontaneity exactly, for I do write and re-write, read and re-read my posts before I hit ‘Publish’, but I like the ability it has to surprise me. Had I not been obligated to put it down, I would not have known I had that thought, that expression inside me. It probably doesn’t mean anything to you, Reader. You’re in only for the spectacle, you don’t have to think about what it means to the writer, unless you want to. As long as it means something to you, the writer should consider her job accomplished. But, often it is the other way around, especially with this hit-and-miss blog, and its hit-and-miss writer. It always has to mean something to her, and it sometimes does not mean anything to the reader. But, she hopes to be spared the waste of 5 minutes of your life on her account and, as WordPress would lately have her believe, it’s only 3.

I don’t know if you anticipate my posts. I am sure some of you must, for you so often leave ‘likes’ to encourage me to keep up. I could conduct some sort of a poll or oblige you to leave a comment to say if reading Of Opinions is a habit for you, and if so, in what way, but I am going to let it be for now. The focus should be on getting back to a writing habit myself, so that I can come up with, hopefully, more interesting stuff in the future.

*My eyes are much better now, if you remember my post from last week talking about it. That, and writing ‘Of Opinions – the book’ have been the main reasons for the scarcity.

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14 thoughts on “Of Blogging Habits – Second Edition

    1. Me too! A number of bloggers follow whoever follows their blogs, but I feel it doesn’t help the blogger ultimately. I follow blogs that I actually find interesting and I know I am going to keep up with them.

  1. I read but don’t comment just because I can’t think of anything interesting to say. I really wish I could atleast make a habit of writing. I really like your idea of naming your blog, “Of Opinions”. All the best for the future!

    1. Thank you, Hollie! I’ve been good with taking the meds, so that has helped a lot. Not so much with the eye drops. I don’t understand how someone with such sensitive eyes can actually take them, even if they are for the sensitivity! I don’t even wear eyeliner on my waterline or tightline because my eyes just won’t take it. I hope you and your son are doing well this week…

      1. Owen is sick, possibly strep and since he said the dreaded S-word (strep) around me I will undoubtedly get it too. However…I have a job interview tomorrow to work at the university I already teach for… Admin asst in the biology department! Shhhh, no one knows yet but I think I’m a shoe in!

      2. Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations! Will you be continuing with your other jobs as well? You already are one of the hardest working people I know! Good luck for tomorrow!

      3. I’d continue the online teaching and have picked up an extra class even, but this would replace my day job at the hospital. I think I’m a good fit for the department and the boss would be the husband of my online teaching boss…I know I could work well there and all around it would be a good environment for me! Thank you!

      4. I’m really happy for you, Hollie. The hospital job does make you anxious sometimes, though you have written some hilarious posts on some of your experiences in it! Good luck on your new one!

  2. I do not comment on your post most times, but iv read through most of your posts since i started following you. I have a few favs among your posts and im always eager to read a new post from you particularly your “Ofs'”. Its really refreshing to have someone who’s thoughts are still in a way original and honest and not entirely affected by the multitude. I love your blog and i always look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you very, very much, Folabi! That is so kind of you to say. I hope I keep writing new “Ofs” that you will enjoy reading. Your support means a lot!

      1. I hope one day ill be able to express myself freely in verses the way you do and we can learn from each other. More grease to your elbow.

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