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Throwback Thursdays: September 2014


This was the month I started to get comfortable with blogging. A little too comfortable. As the initial thrill, ecstasy of writing whatever I liked started to wear off, September became an endurance test. However, I still managed to get a few posts in, some that definitely have lasting value beyond that autumnal air of “mellow fruitfulness.”

Of How-To’s – I had been a freelance writer for quite sometime, working completely for quite meagre pay. All sorts of things that were completely out of my purview – things like pesticides, office furniture, gym equipment – were things I had to write about with complete authority. Which made me wonder, how much of what we read on the internet is authoritative? “But my question is, despite creating job opportunities, is it creating value? As the internet celebrates its 25th birth year, have we taken too much of an advantage of its seemingly endless space? Are these articles making the internet unhealthy? Are they, perhaps, causing its quarter-life crisis?”

Of Creating a Niche – This has been a popular post, perhaps because this blog is an example of content that is, perhaps, too niche. “If I had a niche, as any business or PR person would tell you, I could develop a brand. That would make it so much easier for my readers to find me, and for me to find my readers. My “tags” and what I actually do to pertain to those tags would define my brand, a less dirtier word for which is, identity.”

Of Trivializing Mental Illness – This was a very important post for me, one that was very difficult to write. “It is a great step forward, that the social vocabulary of mental illness has moved beyond words like “mad”, “insane” and “hysterical”. In fact, awareness of mental health disorders – symptoms, causes and treatments, have provided tremendous help to people who may not have recognized their thoughts and behaviour for what they are, and more importantly, may not have been able to improve the quality of their lives. However, I have noticed, in the last five years or so, terms and certain vague ideas about mental health disorders, as they have entered popular culture, are also being used as a means of humour, verbal attack and even prejudice.”

Of Editing – A writer’s best friend or worst enemy, a position that can change everyday. “…writing is the easy part, for it is within you. Publishing is easy too, for it is without you, and there really is nothing you can do about it. But editing is what gets you from A to C. It is a channel to comb out the nits, to “kill your darlings”, to basically forget every emotion you ever felt as you wrote.”

Of Quotations – I prefer to post original content as this blog is for furthering my ideas and writing, but I had recently started posting quotes. But, what purpose do they serve? “A quote is not an isolated thing. It is often taken out of context, to hold some meaning, some “truth” all by itself, for all of humanity. Those in the business of manufacturing quotes – writers, politicians, a wise aunt – are singularly obsessed with two things – what to say, and more importantly, how to say it.”

Of Why People don’t Read Blogs – I take it personally when people speak disparagingly about blogging. But, have you ever wondered why they do so? Here are some reasons:
“1) Why do you write about something when you don’t have a formal knowledge in it (i.e., a degree)?
2) Bad grammar, rambly writing. (he he, the kind of word a blogger makes up).
3)You’re just spewing opinions. What use are they when everybody’s got one?
4) If you’re so clever, why don’t you write a book instead?”

You really should read the rest to see it in context! It would be wonderful if you could read any of these posts and tell me what you think about them. Thanks!


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