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Real Time Ramble: “I don’t care if Monday’s blue…


Tuesday’s great and Wednesday too…” So, how’s everybody doing this fine new week? Today’s Real Time Ramble will be sort of a If We Were Having Coffee or a Monday Motivation. I usually don’t do either because, well, if we were having coffee, we would not be having the kind of conversations people usually do when they have coffee in the bloggerly world. We would probably talk a lot of about books, films and music, the news of the world, what is going on in my life and your life. Which is fine for a real cup of coffee, but not on the internet. I’ve again had some troubles with getting personal here. Recently, I came across a new campaign on cyberbullying and read a few blogs about. It is a cause I hold very close to my heart and even as I’ve written a draft on it for my blog here, I am not sure it fully complies with the privacy I prefer. Wow, that sounded downing enough. See, Monday Motivation can’t be my thing either.

I want to talk about real things. I really do. I feel quite useless otherwise. But, it doesn’t always agree with my personality. I am too thin-skinned, everything in my environment just seeps through. I find it difficult to talk about topical things because they affect me too much. My mother is passionate about the news (She even made me take up Political Science as a minor in college. Didn’t help. I’m glad I passed, and that’s all I can say about it.). I briefly did journalism too. Just not right. When I am stuck in queues, for example, I really want to be as reactionary and articulate as the next person. But, even if I do manage it, it all comes out as a mumbled mess. The person on the other end is more confused than provoked by what I say.

While I can talk to you about the failings of my personality, I don’t know how to put across what caused them in an articulate way. There is a great lack of patience and empathy on social media, though I don’t see it in my little corner, judging by the 10 likes I am likely to get.That has been bothering me lately. I am okay if I don’t get many views. I hardly promote my blog, almost 100% readers come in from the WordPress Reader. So, I don’t add the ‘Read More’ tag and am happy that they can read it (if they want to) on the Reader, and leave a like or a comment if they like. But, I’ve been getting less and less direct feedback. I tried several new things last week, so it wasn’t like I was expecting a lot of feedback. I’ve decided to post everyday. On Mondays I’ll do this, which consists of writing whatever for half an hour and posting it as it is. Tuesdays I will post reviews as I did with the TV show The Blacklist last week. Thursdays I shall do throwbacks of my posts, month by month, of which I’ve already done June, July and August 2014. Saturdays for poetry, and I am too shy and awkward to offer any analysis in terms of what I do with that. It’s a surprise it happens anyway. Wednesdays and Fridays are dedicated to my well-tested ‘Of-finess‘ and Sundays are for quotes. So except for the last, there is original content every single day. And yet, most commentary I get is on the quotes!

I can’t draw. I don’t feel inspired enough to take my camera around to take pictures. However, I do do my best to come up with new stuff. And yet, something seems to be missing. I don’t think the quality, if I can call it that, has gone down here. If anything, my posts have become more personable, less sombre and formal. I still have mountains to climb before I post a picture of what I ate for lunch (as Sheldon Cooper might ask if he’s reading this, “Sarcasm?”), but I’m trying my best. Last week, I wrote an ‘Of’ on loving the art in yourself, which I thought would be relevant for my regular readers. And yet, it did not spark any discussion. I get it why people turn off the ‘like’ settings on their blog. Any interaction they get, they want it to be real. Even if I choose not to do so myself, I really wish I could know, for some of my original posts at least, what the reader thought.

Alright, down to my last two minutes. Better start editing this!


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3 thoughts on “Real Time Ramble: “I don’t care if Monday’s blue…

  1. I think there’s a lack of readers on WordPress lately but in any case, I wouldn’t worry too much if people leave comments or not. I understand that, like all of us, you’d like feedback on your writings, a connection to others, but I think a lot of people just “read” and either “like” it or not. That “like” you get is already a connection of some sort, isn’t it? Just keep doing what you’re doing if it works for *you* and don’t worry about other people. This blog is yours and you have to write what you want to write, not what would get you feedback and comments, because otherwise it wouldn’t be your blog anymore, would it? 🙂

    1. No, no, it wouldn’t, Purpleanais. I am usually happy with whatever feedback I get. And the new stuff I’m trying out is really to make myself happy, to expand what I do here. There are certain ones, like the one on loving the art in yourself, which I get very excited about, as those are the kind of posts I get comments on.
      My blog is very much mine, and I completely run it on my terms, but I am surprised and moved at the community I’ve built here. Yesterday, I posted a quote which displeased someone. I didn’t do a good job of defending myself (or rather the views expressed in the quote). I was surprised that a regular reader of mine did an excellent job of providing a balanced perspective on the situation. Even if I fumble here in this lethal world of social media, I am amazed and grateful at the kindness and care of strangers.
      I nominated you for the love-hate challenge a while back. You may not have seen it. Here’s the post:

      Thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog!

      1. There is indeed a lovely community here on WordPress 🙂
        I didn’t get a notification for this challenge, I must say I’m experiencing trouble lately with posts not showing up and same with notifications. In any case, thank you for thinking of me, I’ll try to do this one at some point, I’ve got a few challenges I must find time for.
        Have a lovely day 🙂

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