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My Loneliness is the Rule

I could write a thousand poems to loneliness
To sleepless nights
To hopeless dreams
To thoughtless actions.

I could tell you again and again
In many a form and manner
In many a smirk and tear
In tragedy and comedy
Or somewhere in between.

I could tell you
The omnishambles of my life.

I could tell it all to you
And you would tell me, β€œIt’s nothing new.”

All the lonely souls die alone
Unloved, unwitnessed
Uncared, unhoped

Unheard yet many sung
Unread yet many written
Unloved yet many loved.

I would tell you all this
In verse and tears
Amidst laughter and jeers
In weakness and enthusiasm

And you would only pick up the paper
And read the headlines.

My loneliness is nothing new.
It is the rule, not the exception.


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2 thoughts on “My Loneliness is the Rule

    1. Thank you very much! ‘Omnishambles’ was invented by the character Malcolm Tucker in the comedy show ‘The Thick of It’, and has since been included into the Oxford dictionary. It is one of my favourite words!

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