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Of A Real Time Ramble: Second Edition

iStock_BlogTypeWriter-e1355120416611The rules are simple. Write whatever you like for half an hour, edit it within that time and leave it to be published as it is. After the success of last week’s Real Time Ramble, I’ve decided to make it a regular feature, preferably on Mondays. According to the Insights newly provided by WordPress, this blog gets the most traffic on Monday. That maybe due to the fact I find Mondays the hardest to post on, and yet, frequently find myself doing so. Most people hate Mondays. Manic, blue, black etc.. I am no different. However, the one thing I like about Mondays is the opportunity to start over again. Each week I promise myself, this week I am going to be better in every way possible. I make plans. And because I am this hopeful, I am also able to write posts that pass muster which, on other days when I am feeling less productive, mainly sit unfinished on my computer.

But, this second edition of the Real Time Ramble is still nerve-wracking for me. Firstly, I am starting a new, serial feature, with the hope it will continue to be successful. Secondly, I want you guys to join in. Some of you said last week that this was an exciting and easy enough prospect. So, why don’t you try it? I’m even going to do some social media-ing here, which will mutually benefit us, I hope. Use the hashtag #RealTimeRamble on all your social media and preferably give a shout out to me via my twitter handle @AmritaSarkar6. And I hope all that procedure was right, because I don’t know what I am talking about. If any of you follow my twitter account, you know how interesting I am on it. WordPress does some wizardry, and plugs my posts for me, and that’s about it. I’ve been reading the WordPress ebook, Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog, and it’s been telling me to open social media accounts and be interesting on them individually for my content here to have any desirable exposure. The most interesting tweet-worthy thing I’ve come up with is: I don’t know how to be interesting in 140 characters. I am afraid of putting it up because I don’t know if it will get thumbs-downed. Oh wait, isn’t that for something else?

You’ve every right to think me a dinosaur. But, I’ve wearied past the ability to care. If I wanted to only blog, then this would be enough. I believe even if I went social media promotion crazy, my content would hardly be trend-worthy. Recently, I read a few posts by long-time/popular bloggers who have never been on Freshly Pressed. Most of them are under the impression that somehow that propels your blog into some mystical land of internet reverence. Some think it is the ultimate badge of approval, that it sanctions what you do is important. Don’t get me wrong, I am very, very proud of holding that badge. It came completely out of the blue, and I don’t know how my blog got noticed, much less approved of, by the higher-ups here. And perhaps, because it came so soon, and I didn’t know much about blogging, I couldn’t capitalize on it, if that is the right word. It’s been over 6 months from then, and my stats haven’t really been up since.

The truth is, I like my little corner on WordPress. It feels open and secretive at the same time. I don’t know how I would feel if it ever blows up as it does for some bloggers. I have a social, potentially media-friendly face and hopefully, personality to back it up. At least, I think I do. But, there is also a strong, reclusive part of me that thinks even this is too much exposure. But, I have continued to build something here, scattered and erratic but, solid and meaningful, at least to me. It justifies me trying to come up with (un)interesting tweets, a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, and the like. However, I have no doubt that people who come here, who sit through my 800 word ramblings, are people who want to be here. Who deliberately reach out to WordPress, wanting to sift through awkward rambles of many a million people, to find something that hits them as much, if not more, as the effective brevity of other social media. We’re in for the long game, folks. Nobody ever said it would be easy.

So, to round up, write whatever you like for half an hour. If you have to take breaks in between, keep tab and make up for it when you come back. Nobody is keeping tab on you, and this is only a form of self-discipline to, ironically, make things easier for you. To free you up but, not like meditation. Here, you can have as many thoughts as you like, channelling your own stream-of-consciousness, to come up with something you had no idea of when you began. Oh, and use that hashtag #RealTimeRamble. Good Luck!


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2 thoughts on “Of A Real Time Ramble: Second Edition

  1. I absolutely love this! I love your style of writing and totally connected with your rambling 🙂 You definitely deserve the recognition, whether you capitalize on it or not. You have talent! You don’t need to pounce on the opportunity, because if you keep up your blog, people will naturally find you! Have a great day and I can’t wait to see more!

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