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The Love-Hate Challenge

A pattern seems to be emerging here. The wonderful Hollie from My Blog is My Boyfriend has, yet again, nominated me for a writing challenge. I am confident that she is generous and thoughtful everyday but, she picks me for these everytime I’m having a blogging drought. So, thank you Hollie, yet again, for nominating me. Hope I make you proud!

The rules for this challenge are simple. The Rule of Tens, in this case, tells you to name ten things you love, ten things you hate and ten people you nominate to do the same. I am quite a fan of listing things, so it is an easy enough and fun challenge for me.

10 Things I love:

1. 80’s teen films. – Okay, so I’m far from being a teenager or a Young Adult. But, there is something quite magical about films set in an era preceding the internet. Sure, there were computers and video games and cordless phones and walkie talkies. And sure, there were adults at the time who thought these films and that generation was souless. But, lack of emailing, texting etc. (though one of the big ones in this genre – Pretty in Pink – had the main characters chatting on LAN computers) gives these films a slowness and a tenderness lacking in films from the next decade onward. I like all the big ones and am always on the hunt for more obscure ones, like a film called Reckless starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah, with an amazing dance sequence.

2. Dancing.

3. Period Dramas, especially those set in the 19th century. – I am a hopeless romantic, and there is nothing more effective to feed that hunger than period dramas. My favourite is the 2004 BBC series North and South, which is like an industrial Pride and Prejudice. Ladies, I must warn you. If you want to save yourself time and not spend days months years obsessing over such perfection, forget you ever read any of this. Otherwise, I dare you NOT to fall in love with this series. The only time I’ve experienced love at first sight was with the hero of this piece – Mr. John Thornton. The moment he stepped onto the screen, I got more than what I expected and started asking myself – “Who is this? How did I not know he exists?” It was, as though, my own existence had begun. In my controversial opinion, he makes Rhett Butler take a hike and even upends Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy at times. Some of my other favourites are Emma (2008), Persuasion (1995), Cranford and The Way We Live Now.

4. Communing with nature early morning instead of being in a rush and having no time to appreciate it.

5. Most sweet things in the world.

6. Idealistic, non-cynical human beings.

7. One-on-one idle conversations.

8. Jazz clarinet.

9. Watching movies at a theatre.

10. The Three-Minute Pop Song. Frankly, it’s the love of my life.

10 Things I hate:

1. This will be top of my list, same as Hollie’s : milk!

2. People who aren’t on time, and don’t feel the need to genuinely apologise for it either.

3. People who sit around ranting about the wrongs of the world as if it is a moral obligation for them, but never actually do even the smallest of things about it.

4. The words and phrases “best wishes”, “objectionable”, “crush”, “don’t mean to be rude.” I’m sure there are more.

5. People who swear as a means of slipping the word in to look cool, instead of letting it come out organically.

6. Exercising in public.

7. People who give you nicknames when you’ve barely met them.

8. Some makeup and skincare shop assistants who think it’s good selling strategy to tell your customers they look like sh*t.

9. People who litter. People who blow horns for no reason. Or jump traffic signals.

10. Prank callers, tele-marketers and the like.

Wow, quite a lot of hate there. Although, I have been more ranty than usual. If you would like to read more, with details, you might want to check out my post on pet peeves. However, I can confidently report, I love a great, great deal more than I hate.

My Nominees:

1. Wee Blue Birdie
2. Shazzameena
3. Kate M. Colby
4. Bhavpreet
5. Sherina Harris
6. Purpleanais
7. Delirious Antidotes
8. Victoria Iskak
9. Bor Bor Igmus
10. In Which Helen

I hope my nominees have fun attempting this challenge. If you don’t want to make an entire post of it (or haven’t been nominated, for which I am sorry, I could only name ten), why don’t you list some of your loves and hates below? Preferably with no swearing (even though we can’t help it sometimes!) as I like to keep my blog clean. Have fun!


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16 thoughts on “The Love-Hate Challenge

  1. These are fabulous lists, Amrita! Milk is the devil. I’ll have to look up the love of your life and check it out! Thanks for participating! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Hollie! Milk is the devil but, you need that devil to make ice cream. I have to make a correction though. Mr. Thornton is only the one time I’ve experienced love at first sight (a concept I don’t believe in). If he were the love of my life (being a fictional character, he is totally unreachable) there would be no point in me living! Here’s the trailer to North and South. Beware, you might just fall in love with the man.

  2. hey … thank you dear .. m happy .. like pharell williams (because i am happy )..
    such a sweet person you are .. i accept this challenge .. but i hope hope you won’t mind if i answer you here ???
    and yeah i have something sizzling cooking for all my friends including you here … will show you on sunday …

  3. 10 things i love ….
    1- my family , even though we fight a lot but i wanna see a smile on there face.
    2-My self
    3- My friends & specially one special elder brother of me for being always there for me
    4- god
    5- Shoes
    6- Food (veg)
    7- Travelling & Tours , adventure trips with friends
    8- making others smile & happy , even though if i have to make fun of me .
    9- opportunities
    10 – A wish of mine to go in Indian Air Force Or Indian Army. (love to die with pride)

    10 things i hate

    1- Me sometimes
    2- My habits sometimes
    3- lies , even though i lie a lot
    4- Dirtiness
    5- pessimist attitude
    6- a girl sad or crying
    7- calling a women ugly or harassing a women or people less strong than you.
    8- the sight when i crack poor jokes and my friends laugh because i did it again.
    9- excuses , lame one’s
    10- people who think they are above or perfect

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for nominating me for the challenge! haha 😀

    Things I love:
    1. Staying up until late at night, reading in the darkness
    2. Lavender scent
    3. Japanese food, particularly sashimi, sushi, & curry
    4. Sheep stuffed toys / things with a picture of cartoon sheeps on it
    5. Discovering a new awesome song (which I’ll listen on repeat…. until I get sick of it… haha)
    6. Looking at food pictures in pinterest
    7. Watching youtube videos, and reading manga
    8. When I’m in bed: Imagining myself living in a little treehouse in a quiet green forest
    9. Non processed green tea. Just the tea. Not any food / cakes that has “green tea flavor”
    10. Cooking for someone

    Things I hate:
    1. Waking up early in the morning. (In my opinion, anything before 9am is considered as early. But still, I have to wake up early everyday for work) hahaha.
    2. The appearance of a new pimple lol
    3. When it’s really really super sunny outside (hot and humid weather)
    4. Broken promises
    5. People who spreads pessimism around
    6. Going to bed without taking a shower
    7. Milk
    8. Washing dishes (I love to cook, I just hate having to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen afterwards) hahah.
    9. Unfinished stories / movies etc.
    10. People who complaint about the same thing over and over again

    1. Great answers, Victoria! I am the same with discovering a new song and the appearance of a new pimple. Usually, they come in hordes but, if there is a solitary one, it promises to be big and lethal. It is quite horrible!
      Thanks for taking part!

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