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Of Having a Dreadful Name for a Blog


I hope some of you will relate to the way I feel about this. I hope there is a blog post out there, warning you about things before you start a blog. Like choosing a name for it you will actually like in months and years to come. I will be completing one year next month and it’s been a very pleasant and exciting journey. But, in case I ever write a memoir, I wish I did not have to label it “the Of Opinions year” because, I would very much like to avoid the polite but audible yawns and rolling-of-eyes-on-being-faced-with-sheer-banality that I will get for naming my blog, my baby this.

I can change it, I know. I’ve been thinking about having a proper, planned sit-down one of these days and actually learning how the WordPress admin thing works and what wonderful things I could do to make my blog better. But, you know how it is (mumbles “procrastination”) so I won’t get into that. But, dreadful as it is, I don’t think it is prudent to change my name. Oops, sorry, my blog’s name. Actually, my name is like my blog’s name. Both are so common, the first in India and the second everywhere in the English-speaking world, that people don’t take much notice of it. Amrita ( my nom de real life) is so common in India. I’ve never known what made my parents choose it. I’m more used to calling some of my friends, and it’s quite a number who go by that name, than feel any special relationship with my own. And yet, I’ve never wanted to change it (except briefly as a teenager when I hoped to be in a girl group and wanted a fun, common noun as a name) because, it could be worse. I could end up being called Scary Spice. I am sure Mel B owns it but, I can’t imagine being rushed to the ER in a hospital and the doctor telling me, “Keep breathing, Scary” multiple times, unable to hold back his snigger even in the circumstance of my surmisable death. I am dying here. R.E.S.P.E.C.T., please.

The point is, naming things are often mistakes that you can’t help. I mean, my parents couldn’t have named me “Unspecified till subject is old enough to choose a name she likes,” could they? Same with my blog. As I named my blog, I started its journey and my own parallel and causational journey with it. Same with me and my parents. I became Amrita to myself, to them and then to the rest of the world and common as it is, there is still something specific to this Amrita which no other Amrita in existence, not even the ones in proximity to her, possess.

Thus, even if I didn’t learn from my own life and named my blog __ Opinions (I’m fine with the Of part. I know the Of-finess is peculiar to me in the entire blogosphere), I hope that it is different from any other opinion-y thing out there. That was the plan, you know. To NOT write typical opinion and culture posts. To not be polarising and provocative because there is too much of that out there. And among that too much, many do it much better than I ever could. Actually, if I really needed to identify with names, I would fail in both cases. Neither am I the “nectar of immortality” (i.e. what Amrita means) nor am I opinionated. It’s true, believe me. I was terrible in those debates and panels on current affairs that some people are allowed to do in schools and colleges because a) they can form sentences that sound important due to their authoritative voices and b) they don’t have anything more exciting to do. While both were true for me, here’s the catch: I have tried, failed and humiliated myself over my inability to be single-minded about something. It is in my nature to accommodate and organise conflicting view points. I can’t have a single perspective. I have to have multiple Opinions about a single thing at the same time.

So, unlike the superpower my own name boasts that I don’t actually possess, my blog name is pretty apt for my blog. And yet, I have to apologise for it every time I tell people about it. I tell them excitedly what I write and how people interact on it and how it’s all exciting and wonderful. And then I tell them its name, wait for them to fall from the enthusiasm that had been built so far to be expelled with a sigh, quickly tell them “It’s a dreadful name, I know” and continue pitching it, hoping one of these days my nom de blog will actually reflect the fact that something different from an opinion blog happens here. Someday, I hope that is true.


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29 thoughts on “Of Having a Dreadful Name for a Blog

  1. I still like my blog name, though I hemmed and hawed over it before my friend said the name I chose was perfect for me. The one I had before this blog was “I’m going to say it anyway” thanks to my tendency not to shy away from the inappropriate. I had never heard the name Amrita before you…I think it is lovely!

    1. Oh Hollie, you know how mightily jealous I am of your blog name! I adore it! I remember it piqued my interest when it was on the list of recommended blogs on my Reader and I kept trying to work out how, well, “it” works. And then I discovered you and got to know much more! There aren’t too many Hollies where I live either though, for me, you’re my favourite Hollie along with Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s !
      Thank you for the compliment on my name. I always get it from people who are not from around here. What makes it fun for me is to see an easily pronounceable Indian name ( which is rare ) getting different pronunciations all over the world! Even in India it is pronounced differently in different regions so, I don’t even try to correct anybody because I am not sure which one I like!

  2. I feel like “Of Opinions” is fitting for your blog. One thing I like about it is that it is general enough that you can write about literally anything on which you have an opinion. But, of course, if you don’t like it, I think you should change it. Your blog is great, and it should be a source of pride for you in all areas, name included.

    As for your first name issues, I totally feel you. Pretty much every girl in the U.S. born in the 1990’s was named Katelin (spelled 1000000 different ways), Jessica, or Ashley. So being of the former has kind of sucked. Luckily, most of the others go by the full name or “Katie,” so choosing Kate makes me slightly more original. If it helps, my limited Western perspective makes your name seem very unique and beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you! But, I honestly had no idea your name was short for Katelin (is it the same as Caitlin?). I always thought it was short for Catherine, which I thought was so cool because a lot of my favourite people are called that. But, Katelin seems very pretty and original to me.
      I don’t really want to change my blog name. It’s stuck, you know? Unless I can come up with something better and yet appropriate. I can’t use my own full name as my blog name either because it is even more prosaic. My whole life is me trying to fight the squareness of it!

      1. Thank you. There are also a lot of Catherines in my generation in the U.S. And yes, Katelin is the same as Caitlin and Kaitlin and Catelyn and Katelyn and you get the point. It’s ridiculous.

        And I get what you mean about the blog name sticking. Again, if it’s any consolation, I think it’s a lot better than you think it is. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Content matters more than the name anyway, and your content is great. 🙂

      2. That is what I keep telling myself. Anytime I get stuck in a blogging rut, I remind myself of the several blogs I had attempted in the past which didn’t get ANY readership. Whatever the cons, the pro’s far outweigh them.
        Yes, Katelin does sound a very American 90’s name (probably must have heard it in a few 90s teen films). I like your spelling the best. Though, learning this now is making me wonder if I had been wrong about the other Kates I know and admire. I think I better go check if Cate Blanchett is Catelyn or Catherine!

      3. American name(s) I don’t understand is kRIsten and kIRsten. Do they differ greatly in meaning or are they spelled differently for no reason? And people always get them wrong. I thought only I mixed up Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart. But, apparently, that seems to be the case with most people.

      4. They are different names. I don’t know about their meaning, but they are pronounced differently. KIRsten is Keer-stin. And KRISten is Kris-sten (or like Chris-tin). But yes, people mix them up ALL the time.

      5. Yeah, I know about the pronunciation. But, imagine having impassioned arguments with friends about the Twilight girl being kIRsten only to be proved wrong. And it is more of an effort to pronounce Kirsten as well. Unfortunate for both parties to have such names.

  3. My blog was originally called ‘redandrew23’ but that didn’t have any catch to it, it was a play on the fact I loved bands with numbers in (Sum 41, Blink 182 and the like), I realised it wasn’t snappy and didn’t have any real connection to me as a person (not everyone would know the red bit came from being a Manchester United supporter for example) so I changed everything and deleted many of my older poems. I much prefer my new name but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.
    I love the idea that you and your blog started a journey though, I feel you are truly connected to what you post in saying that. As a reader of your blog the quality is definitely there, don’t feel too bad telling people your blog’s name though, I think it reflects what you do and that’s pretty good for a username

    1. Thank you very much, Andy! I like your blog and user name too. It is smart, simple and self-explanatory. There are blogs with names like your former one which confuse me too, unless they explain it like you did. I’ve had blogs and email handles like that in the past that made sense only to me and would embarrass me years later! I am glad this blog name decision wasn’t based on anything I love ( for e.g., thankfully I didn’t watch Doctor Who when I started it. Imagine if I named it The Blue Box or something ) because I would probably have ended up getting sick of the thing I named it after!
      Keep up the good work with your poems!

  4. Hey hi , hola , dear name is not the game .. its the heart inside that impacts … i mean my name is bhavpreet … the funniest thing is that … i went for blood test and the report says bhuprit… not just that there are almost 24 names that people pronounce when they listen mine .. and when we go on meaning .. well my parents don’t even know it … but m happy coz very few have this name … and now m trying to give this name a worth… its our deeds that give us importance not the names and titles … so smiiillleeee …. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Bhavpreet might mean love of thought – bhav (thought) and preet (love)? Just a suggestion, I am more than likely to be completely wrong!

      1. well m totally numb right now … i mean .. i mean that .. waoo … thats a surprise … thank you for that … and lets do the good deeds now … shall we ? :-).. lol

  5. I am satisfied with my blog name because I think the reader quickly knows what he is getting into. I took Blogging 101 a couple of months ago and they go through the naming and changing and admin process in there. I believe a class is starting in June. Just in case you’d like to learn more mechanics. It really helped my blog go from zero to decent. lily

  6. Even though personally I am happy with my blog name, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It was personal, yet widely applicable, and written well, with a bit of wit injected into the article. I do completely understand the process of trying to find that one PERFECT name, especially when a blog (like mine) is varied instead of focusing on one subject. So I found myself nodding my head in complete empathy towards the frustrating “name game”. Great job!

  7. Great article! I love this, I am not really unhappy with my name, but the one I originally chose (and loved, and spent time building up a profile for) was already in use. I love your style of writing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. I was entirely unhappy with my old blog name, and the theme, in fact, so I made the decision late last October to restart and rebrand entirely – and so Delirious Antidotes was born. I’m not sure in the slightest why I chose such a name, it just attracted me. As much as I am thankful I restarted, the lack of traffic depresses me some days – my old blog still gets double, sometimes triple, the traffic on a daily basis than my current blog gets even once I’ve posted. But I suppose you win some and lose some. Perseverance is key, right?

    1. Yup! Long time before I got any regular readership here and still get little to no traffic on most days. It only surged when I got featured on Freshly Pressed but, died down after a couple of months. You can’t take anything for granted on the blogosphere, just do the best you can.

      1. I definitely agree. You seem to have a good readership going now, though, but it’s definitely well deserved.

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