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Suicide Note – A Poem

I write with no hesitation.
No flickering of pen, no beads of sweat
And with no Indecision.

I leave with no ill will
Or, that is my Hope.

I leave unfinished Dreams
Eternally locked in their beautiful, wispy form.

Living is a choice
And today I have the Conviction to make one.

I choose the Adventure of death,
That mystery of pain or eternal rest.

I go.

Note: Pulled this one out of my poetry vault that gets new entries about every 3 years. Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal. Neither do I hope this encourages it in anyway. I suppose it came out because I like to explore dark psychic states sometimes. I published it because I wanted to get something in for National Poetry Month and I thought this was okayish poetically. Would love to know your thoughts!


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6 thoughts on “Suicide Note – A Poem

  1. I think this sums up what many suicides are, a decision to look for something better beyond life, it’s a tragic destruction of life but this poem surely holds true for so many who take their own lives.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Andy! I don’t know when or why I wrote it. I suppose it helped me work out what I was thinking. I was wary of putting this up here but I hope it reminds someone who maybe reading this and feeling vulnerable that death is “travelling” to an “undiscovered Country, from whose bourn/ No Traveller returns,” and it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem with living.
      Thanks again!

  2. I think this poem reflects a truth and how some suicides feel. I believe it is important to talk about suicide in many contexts and ways. It is a fallacy to think that by talking about it we encourage it, it is the silence and stigma which means people in their distress feel they have to take this irrevocable step without seeking the support which may stay their hand.

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