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Of Making Time


I had a couple of other titles I had been thinking for this post, that were humbler than what it is, and also more specific. I wanted to call it Of Blogging Planning or Of Blogging Plans Part Two, or Of Planning. However, even though these were, shall we say technically, keywords, they weren’t getting near the problem. Any piece of writing is basically a problem, a question. That is what litterateurs do. People who are, in any way, involved in the business of writing aren’t skilled or disciplined to be experts in anything. Unlike philosophers, they are not even interested in the whyness of anything. Unlike psychologists, they are not interested in the howness either. Literature is only interested in the moment, the phenomenon, the person as it is, and maybe, but not necessarily, what it could mean. I may have the convenience of title over my fellow bloggers, which helps me focus on what to write to keep this blog running, but sometimes, being too specific with my questions doesn’t make the questions better or more practical. I always write in order to be of use, and the use of today’s question is not about what may be the right plans for this blog, but how to make time for those plans.

There are many reasons why we blog. No, I’m not trying to steal a line from The Daily Post. But, I will give you the three most obvious reasons for why I blog: a) because I love writing here, b) because I want to build my writing career and c) to kill time. I’ve made no secret of the last one, and c’mon, let’s acknowledge the reason why most of us blog or participate in social media: we are bored. There’s nothing new about it. People have been doing it forever. Thousands of years ago, people got bored with hunting, gathering and procreating and so decided to sing. Not because it was this grandiose, beautiful thing, with theories and notations and fans and all that. But, because it was pleasant and it filled up time. When printing came along relatively much later, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who were frightened by all the possible evil effects books could have, some of them not unwarranted, as it turns out. An even more recent example is the radio, or for Downton Abbey viewers, the mixer-grinder. We humans are a paradoxical species who constantly get scared of new things we find pleasure in, as well as keep trying to make things because we are bored. We are bored and so we make things that will keep us from being bored and, in what turns out to be a win-win situation, we kill our boredom already in the act of making that thing! Gosh, aren’t we clever?

But, are we clever enough in making time? Turning to reasons a and b, I do still love writing here and I do still desperately, desperately want to become a full-time writer. But, I feel I’m not making enough effort for either. I had planned to take up writing fiction seriously this year, but I didn’t do it. I love writing for Of Opinions, but I’ve regressed to not writing enough this month. Moreover, I want to do a few other things for it too. I want to re-do my categories because, c’mon, they are not proper categories anyway. I want to improve the presentation of the blog overall, keeping in mind its minimalist style. I want Of Opinions to be a proper .com, so that I can actually tell people about it in conversation, instead of sending them a link later. And lastly, the scariest of all, I want to promote it better. Of Opinions is my baby and I wouldn’t want to risk losing its independent, honest spirit, especially to the coldly efficient, business side of writing and publishing. I haven’t reached that stage in my writing career in general, so I don’t know whether I’ll give in to that completely. But, for now, I’m thinking more in terms of twitter and bloglovin ( I don’t know what it is but, I’m told it’s necessary ) and participating more in The Daily Post activities.

I just haven’t been able to make time for it. I’m sure it’s possible. I could skip a YouTube video or two to write a post here or work on my categories, but I don’t know if it is life, or Of Opinions itself that is preventing me. Maybe, some combination of both. Maybe, that is what making time is. Not stretching the 24 hours of the day to that impossible extra second if you can, but substituting something you are comfortable doing, whether you enjoy it or not, with something you feel is necessary to you, whether you enjoy it or not. I’m not excited by the prospect of twitter and editing my blog, but I feel it’s necessary. All that’s left for me is to make time.


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17 thoughts on “Of Making Time

    1. Isn’t nearly everything we do for attention? If not for everyone, then for someone at least? Blogging for an audience is encouraging, and keeps the blog going, though it is possible to be perfectly happy just to write for yourself. But, maybe, not so much fun!
      Thanks for reading!

  1. I would be interested in knowing how many bloggers are under 40, I would bet money that the percentage would be in the 80% range. Look at me is a common theme amount young people!

      1. I’ve found that people trying to make derisive comments on my blog is mostly an attempt at garnering attention too 🙂
        I can relate to your lack of enthusiasm for twitter and bloglovin’ it is pretty time consuming trying to keep it up to a level that will help get your blog read by people. I’m still trying, and it is working, albeit slowly.
        Thanks for another engaging piece of writing, I always enjoy reading your thoughts here.

      2. Thank you so much, PinkNoam! That is so nice to hear!
        I do get derisive comments from time to time, and it becomes a difficult choice to moderate them because I try to keep my blog clean and positive. However, if they make a fair point, I feel that I need to publish them at least, if not reply back, to keep the views on the topic balanced. But, generally, I’m no good at handling negative criticism. But, that’s something you have to learn to live with if you want to write, don’t you?
        I think anybody participating in social media should be shameless enough to admit that they are attention seekers. I mean, it comes with the territory. I have no problem in saying I LOVE it when I get likes and follows. I can even shout it from the rooftops if needed!
        Thanks again! Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Sometimes when one is bored she needs a catalyst to change the “state” she’s in…a little bit of alchemy…So when she writes for herself it’s more of a cathartic experience like vomiting or passing gas. There’s relief. But not always. Sometimes we have issues just too colossal to conquer in a couple of sentences and it’s a slow process that requires patience and reflection, introspection. In the little time I’ve been blogging I am well-aware of how imperfect my blog is, like you are of yours. I decided to just jump in and write when inspiration sparks. I empathize with you and your concerns about writing and blogging. Your post was a catalyst for me today. Thank you. I’m sure your “baby” will grow into a healthy, robust blog.
    Saludos, La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh}

    1. I think the imagery I used was too “strong”, I intuit that by continuing to await moderation on my comment that it means it “rubbed you the wrong way”. Re-reading it I can see how you might have taken it in a context other than what I intentioned. En paz, La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh}

      1. Not at all! It is the difference in time zones, because I have been sleeping all this time in my part of the world! You make some very good points. I’m not scared of any “strong” imagery, I use some brutal ones myself from time to time! I have felt many of the things you described as long as I’ve been blogging here. Most of all, I’ve learnt that blogging has a continuous ebb and flow. We see bloggers who are successful (i.e., those who manage to get read) and think that once you reach that, you can relax and go on as you like. But, the more readers you get, the more effort you have to put in, or you’ll lose them. Which isn’t bad, as long as you don’t solely write in order to please. But, being an aspiring writer, I’ve found this added pressure to only improve my work, and so I appreciate it.
        Thanks for reading! Hope you’re having a great day!

      2. Yes, of course, time zone difference. I didn’t think about that. You bring up a good point about making more of an effort when your readership grows. What do you think consists of a great day in terms of views? For the “average” blogger. So far my day is just fine, thank you. Having my coffee and digesting some Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds. Gotta get that fibre 😉

      3. I am an average blogger too. It was a bit of a whirlwind early last month when I got featured on Freshly Pressed. But, all that attention settled down soon enough and my readership increased only slightly. I assess more in terms of ‘likes’ than views. If a post gets 5 likes at least, I feel it has done well. I tend to focus on individual posts, than overall views and follows, because you don’t know what will bring people over to your blog and make them stay a while. Getting a ‘like’ means that, at least, they found that particular post interesting, and if they leave a comment, then I get to see their point of view on the topic as well. I learn better from that, than from views and follows.
        Fibre is important! I usually have eggs and tea for breakfast though! Hope your day is going well!

    1. That is so true. I made a very difficult decision today, but I did it in order to stress less and make more time for writing and blogging. I hope I can get back to the readership I had attracted in November. Thanks for supporting me!

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