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Of Throwback Thursdays


I have, genuinely, not had time to think about what to write today. However, giving up on NaBloPoMo so close to the finish is an unbearable thought to me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint some of you either. So, I’ve decided to do a , sort of, semi cop out, where I will look back at some of the posts I’d written in June. It being Thursday is what gave me the idea because, I thought, why not do something genuinely social media like for a change. A while back I had written a post on my dud posts – posts I had written that had been failures in some way or the other – and tried to assess why they had failed. This is different. These throwback posts will, hopefully, show how thematically Of Opinions has evolved from its origins. Some of you may even find something interesting in them. These posts were generally not read much, so it would be lovely to get your feedback. Okay, let’s get started!

Of The Ability To Do Anything – This was one of several posts I had been writing when I started, when I was focused on this being a more traditional Psychology blog. I find the usual definition of strength in every pep talk out there quite intimidating, which is why in this post I wrote what I think our emotional strength to be: “Strength to me is much greater than just being able to survive….Because we are so busy trying to maintain or better our circumstances, we try to label the effort put towards it as our strength. But to me, choosing the word ‘strength’ itself to define any act, would require that act to be more special than the challenges of the daily.”

Of Commentary – I was quite nervous about getting comments on my blog, and up until this post, I hadn’t got any. While I did crave feedback that was reflective and not statistical, I was, and still deeply am, very scared of the vitriol often mercilessly launched on the internet which – though we label as haters or trolls – can still be something thoughtful and hurting at the same time. I argued for the gap in feedback that used to be there in the days of newspapers, when you still had time to make up your mind about something you had read before writing back.

Of Happiness and Pleasure – This was my ode to blogging in my first flush of blogging-loving feeling. I have recently written a companion piece, Of Happiness and Joy. This was also my most successful post for quite a while.

Of Gravity – This is a rather strange piece for me. I had never written anything like this in any form. It has nothing to do with the Alfonso Cuaron film, but is more of an emotional exploration of what gravity can mean in our lives.

Of Panic – I’m quite proud of this piece, actually. I am a casual fan of Tolkien’s middle earth literature. In this post, I discuss Sam Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings possibly having a panic disorder, and the steps he takes to overcome it on his incredible journey.

Of Being Mid-Twentysomething – I think this is one of the best posts on Of Opinions. I am a mid-twentysomething, and this is a humorous take on the good, bad and ugly of it. I think you might enjoy this one.

(Of) Of Opinions – Some of you may know I have a love-hate relationship with my blog name. In this one, I discuss my subtitle, the suitably pretentious – The Culture Blog. It also has a wider discussion of what I understand culture to be and why, though pretentious, it is still a suitable subtitle for this blog.

Of Writing not Speaking – I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, quite differently from what I wrote here. I ask the question, “do I write so that I do not have to speak?” I point out that “The social media culture is a writing culture.” and most of us, generally write in order not to speak. I talk about how I miss being spoken to, especially stories being told to me, where now I listen to audio books instead. Now, I am beginning to realize that though there is a dearth in conversation, especially on the listening end, I am also glad for the stillness, the concentration that I personally feel in this writing culture. A few years ago, I would have felt awful if I did not answer someone’s call. Now, I find myself wondering, why don’t they text first like everybody else?

Hope that wasn’t a total cheat post. I apologize for not being a good NaBloPoMo-er today. However, I do hope you check out at least one of these posts and tell me what you think!


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