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A Post ain't only this anymore Source:
A Post ain’t only this anymore

Once upon a time, if the words posting and writing were used in a sentence, it usually meant two things – something to do with the mail, or something to do with your job designation and location. Non-bloggers know the word blogging alright, but posting, as in the actual thing you put up on your blog, wouldn’t be something familiar unless you start reading or writing blogs voraciously. Enough of celebrating or dissing words like selfie, humblebrag and the Oxford Dictionary word of the year 2014, vape. In this, my hundredth post for Of Opinions, let’s discuss all the wonderful terminology we’ve learnt as we do this blogging, posting thing we do.

Beep beep boop is by far my favourite. It wasn’t there when I initially started posting on WordPress, but after the drastic re-vamping of posting conditions happened, the cheeky, silly Beep beep boop became WordPress’s way of telling you to roll up and get ready for action: get writing. I use power-saving speakers, so I never know if it makes the sound Beep beep boop as well, but it always puts a smile on my face. More so, because after a case of Disappearing Blogs, I started writing my posts on my offline software, exporting it to PDF and only then, coming over and Beep beep booping it.

Look at me talking all about exporting PDFs and what not. It might even give you the impression that I understand software, like every other person. But, I have a secret. I am in my twenties, and I don’t understand most of it. Uh, #Dinosaur. I have another secret. I took Computer Programming in school for years and never understood anything in it. I did have my PC, but my parents did not allow me to have internet access which, thankfully, helped me pass through my school years. For, even dinosaurs know how to work a computer to their own advantage, a.k.a. YouTube. And, when dinosaurs need to find out about something, then there is always the big daddy who not only owns YouTube, but probably most of planet Earth: Google.

But, posting is something you do and learn. It, thankfully, isn’t programmish. I’m still trying to find out how widgets and gifs work and what embedding is, but I can still make some sort of a post any given day. I will probably sound like an idiot, but it took me a while to figure all this terminology out. A blog is the website thing that you are master and commander of, and a blog post, or just a post, is what you put up when you decide to do something with it. Now, this will hardly fetch any marks in an exam asking, what is a blog post? So, the answer is, anything and everything you want it to be. Doesn’t even have to be in 2D. It can even be a blank page, originally done by the eighteenth century author Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy. It can be a poem (I hope I can post one of those one of these days) , a video (same as poem), an electricity bill (hey, with some thoughtful inferring on it, it may not be such a bad idea), a blog-within-a-blog-within-a-blog (why not? It’s worth a try), the Matrix (now, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?). I could go on.

Despite all the wonderful options above, I chose the essay format. Not only that, I took its originators, Montaigne and Bacon, as my inspiration. I even think unconsciously in terms of beginning, middle and end. Introduction, body and conclusion. Of all the quirky options I have, I chose the boring, academic one, that doesn’t even look, at least, like a magazine column. I did try something different twice. Once I wrote a how-to, in an expectantly pointy format, on being happy. Recently, I tried my hand at fiction – time-travelling to meet my ten-years younger self. I discovered that, though it may not always be acceptable to my regular readers, I liked being a little daring. That is, if you can call blog posting daring.

Actually, I think it is. Very, very daring. Shout out to all my fellow NaBloPoMo participants who are still going strong with the everyday posting. I feel as though traditional posting of snail mail everyday would have been easier than coming up with publishable posts. And we all must have, surely, thought about what a blog post is and can be more than anyone else this month. After all, it ain’t easy coming up with one everyday, is it?


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4 thoughts on “Of Blog Posts

  1. I find it impossible to come up with a new post every day, I have a notepad full of sh*t to write about but when I look at a note I’ve written the previous day a lot of the time I either can’t remember what it means or think to myself ‘yeah…that’s not at all interesting to anyone else’
    Trying to write fiction, I imagine is even harder and so I applaud anyone who can manage to write something every day!

    By the way, ‘time travelling to meet my ten-years younger self’ sounds like a great idea… do you mind if I have a go at this myself? – if I post something I will definitely give you a shout-out in my blog 🙂

    1. Sure! It was a writing prompt by The Daily Post on Friday or Saturday, I think. My blog theme doesn’t really correspond to most of the writing prompts but fortunately I had an idea for that day’s one, and really enjoyed writing it!
      I too have a never-ending note section in my phone with a zillion Of’s which I can’t ever remember what I was thinking of when I wrote them down.
      Thank you for reading! Hope you are having a nice day!

  2. I think we should all write a post on our lists of ridiculous ideas that looked good only in the exact moment that we were writing them down. Then we should compare them and see if there are any universe-shattering similarities, and if there are, we could all write a post about that, and then…

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