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Of Blogging Highs


Now that the overwhelmingly…uh…overwhelming response to my blog getting featured on Freshly Pressed has died down a little, it is time to take this recent happening into perspective. People in my life will find it ridiculous and sad for me to call this a happening, an even life-changing event, but they’re never going to read it so, why bother thinking what they might think? Less than a week ago, I was celebrating my hard-earned 200 followers/1000 views mark. In fact, when I had reached a 100 followers in July, I had promised to do a celebratory post every time there is a centurial increment. I would also renew my blogging plans. Now, going from 200 to over 500 in just 3 days feels a little bizarre. I almost feel like I missed three birthdays. Having a Freshly Pressed badge too, while enormously gratifying, is also, and here is the rare, correct use of the word, awesome. I, definitely, am on a blogging high, but I better prepare myself or I might have a catastrophic blogging low.

With all the numbers and the planning mentioned above, do not be under the impression that I am a terribly organised writer. I, down to my very flesh and bones, am not. After my 100, I decided to size down and regularise my blogging habits. In a post discussing my blogging plans, I vowed to post only on Mondays and Fridays and a quote on Sunday, so that I have better quality posts. True to my nature, I rarely obeyed my quota. Even if I did manage to post on the designated day, it was still a last minute, haphazard thing, in need of massive editing. Maybe I am too hard on myself and sometimes, quite meaningful things do spring out of these awkward posts, but I’m always obsessed with wanting to write better. I have enough confidence to know that I can write, and that it is what I want to do in life. But, while I do not want to emulate any of my heroes, I am still extremely desirous of being considered near them at some point. These heroes are wide-ranging, from Jane Austen and Shakespeare to Cameron Crowe and The Mighty Boosh.

My plan after 200 was just to attempt NaBloPoMo. My output had been sparse in October, so I wanted to make up for it and get my blog to feel some mad energy again. My long-term goals were to get 500 followers and 2000 views. Freshly Pressed has taken care of that however, and I don’t know what to plan next. NaBloPoMo is still happening, but what else should I be doing? I usually check out bloggers who have liked or followed my blog. It is a diverse group, which is very flattering. But, all this time, I still had an idea of what worked with them. I don’t attract new readers very easily. As I never review things or write anything topical (unless it’s groaning about the month ending), new readers usually don’t know what to make of my blog. Which is what surprised me about the editor’s pick for Freshly Pressed. Of Of’s was written as a plea to my regular readers in early October, to tell me what I could do to rejuvenate the blog. Of course, I can never ask a direct question, so I wrote it in quite a roundabout way. Surprisingly, that post is the one that brought so many of you here, without knowing anything else about the story. If I were asked to provide my own sample, I would have chosen Of Writing Confessionally, which I believe is one of my better written and more useful posts.

I had quite a huge list of Of’s to write about for NaBloPoMo. A number of them are irrelevant now, as I can no longer groan about not growing here. In fact, now I want to be of further use, write things that can be of greater interest to people. Before, and I apologize for using the word success, I was clearly writing for myself. That is what appealed to me about blogging 9 years ago, when I attempted the first of my many failed blogs. That here was a place, a corner, a room of one’s own where I could have the agency to create whatever I want (didn’t even have to be writing) and not have to wait for anybody’s approval. A friend of mine recently, rather condescendingly said, that a blog was an โ€œonline diaryโ€. Of course, she only has to look at one to know that it can be that, but it can also be a countless number of other things. Apart from the blindingly original blog, I have also encountered many bizarrely daring ones! I wonder where I fit, but it feels great wherever it is. It feels like I belong, like I am part of a community, and that does not often happen to this lone wanderer.


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14 thoughts on “Of Blogging Highs

  1. I know what you’re saying about the quality bit, I feel that all the time as well. Good to know I have company in my anxieties ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S: Its the writing that draws more than the topic. Blaze on!

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