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Of Jubilations

I got freshly pressed baby!

In my opinionation, the sun is surely shining today…

I would have performed and recorded the Blossom dance (see above) for you. But, I am ten years too old and too inflexible to do it. I’m dancing inside however. And quite clumsily, outside too. If anything major happens again anytime soon, I’ll surely record my dancing then. I can confidently say that I can, at least, pull off Gangnam Style.

Quite honestly, I do not know what to write here today. I’m trying hard to avoid exclamation marks, for one thing. The morning I received the email from the editor, Ben Huberman, on being featured on Freshly Pressed, I sent him a reply with too many exclamation marks. I was instantly happy, you see. And I was instantly dancing too. I always do that when I get good news. I temper it down to just jumping (stiffly up and down, with no side-motion) when I am in a more serious environment.

I brought back my twitter account from hibernation to be on the alert for when it is up. The last four days have been a see-saw with the triumvirate emotions – anticipation, jubilation and agony. And there have been ironies and cliches galore. Last Sunday, I thought of giving up on blogging because October had been sparse both in production and feedback. This Sunday, I’m Freshly Pressed. I kept checking in on twitter, and my post gets put up after my Wi-Fi gets terminated, as I hadn’t yet paid the bill.

And then, when I lazily checked in on my mail (after paying the bill, of course), did I read (present tense) what I just read (past tense)? It wasn’t an instant dance this time. It felt more like bafflement. I even got my first spammy, hatey comments. Aren’t they supposed to mean that your blog has finally arrived, swaggering to Eye of the Tiger?

Anyway, I’m babbling now. Don’t expect any cohesive thoughts in this post. As I’m doing National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo, I had something else prepared for today. But, it can wait. I came on here to share my happiness and gratitude with all those of you who have been supporting this clumsy, erratic venture of mine for the past five months. I am not too good with happiness, I prefer my default state of moderate misery. I know how to be in that state. Maybe you can tell me how to handle this in a more sophisticated manner.

As for my new readers, welcome! As I shall be posting everyday this month, there will be a lot coming up for you to peruse over. I hope you shall keep coming back for more.

Lastly, I want to thank my blogging hero Francis Bacon, and the unknown Anglo-Saxon scribbler who invented the word Of. You both could not have possibly known what you will mean to a young woman in the 21st century.


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11 thoughts on “Of Jubilations

  1. ‘I am not too good with happiness, I prefer my default state of moderate misery.’ I love, and empathise with, this line. Enjoy the crazy happiness and feel free to let loose with the exclamation marks!!

  2. wow congrats taht is the creme de la creme isnt it? I have joined the nablo thingy blog challenge and hence I found you on the blogher site randomly so nice to meet another wp user and fellow challenge enthusiast. I look forward now to seeing your freshly pressed piece so will follow you. x

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