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Of a Letter to my Next Post

goofy writing letter

Dear Monday’s Post,

You know that I conventionally cop out of writing on Sundays and put up a quote instead. Also, conventionally, I write and post you and your Monday post siblings also on, you’ll get a ridiculous number of points if you guess correctly, Mondays. It is a tough job, my dear. For you, and for me. Monday is the price you(not you specifically, but the general, universal you that mainly includes me) have to pay for having a pleasant Sunday. I don’t make the rules, I just have no courage or energy to break them. Of course, since I swore to do National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo, I will have to work on Sundays too. Hence, I’m writing to you since I feel too lazy to have to work on any other ambitious idea.

NaBloPoMo hasn’t been going well so far. Just like a few of your other siblings last month – Of Spontaneity, Of Laziness – your youngest and latest brother, the proud opening bowler of NaBloPoMo, Of First Novels, also disappeared before fulfilling his duty. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in sending them out. Are they wearing too many tags? I never give them more than 9 or 10. Your progenitor is quite humble in her expectations, you know. She doesn’t want much from you. She just wants you to thrive, to be valuable to other people, to possibly have lasting value by yourself. She badly wishes she knew what she is doing wrong. And she hopes your unseen brothers will still be seen, will still connect.

But, enough maternalizing for now. It’s time we got down to cold, hard business. Do you feel up for the challenge? Or will NaBloPoMo, just as I half-feared, not happen after all? Of course, you know you would have come to the battleground anyway. You are a strong one, Monday Post. You do the toughest job on the toughest day. You strive to make people notice, to read and to think about you on a day they are very busy, when they cannot even allay their tiredness due to anticipations regarding the rest of the work week. It is your job, Monday Post, to make them at home. Give them hope. Make them smile. Make them feel everything will be alright. This Monday especially, you have to support those who are attempting NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, for you know how hard it can be to take on extra work in this cold, busy month. I shall be busy too, for besides writing you, I have a number of other things to do, some of which make me very anxious.

Your brother from last Monday, Of Writing and the Four Letter Word, was so lovely. He rejuvenated my entire blog, and I feel very grateful to him and Mick Jagger. I learned about NaBloPoMo as soon as I posted him, and it was his ability to drawn in the crowd that made me want to do it. “You can’t always get what you want,” as the inspiration for your brother from last Monday said. NaBloPoMo may not be what I want it to be, after all. But, as the same philosopher continued, “But if you try sometime, you find you get what you need.” And that is what I want us both to hold on to. We need to keep coming up with ideas, keep thinking about them, keep writing them and keep putting them out in the world, so that one or more might receive them and think about them. No human being lives in a cocoon. So, if writing is the way in which we choose to understand, and connect with the world, we cannot stop if we fail, can we, Monday’s Post?

I am sorry to have used war metaphors about you and your siblings. To be honest, love is not a battlefield to me. It should not be to you either. For every blow you face, you must not quit. Remember this. You cannot know whether anything will ever go your way. As your sibling from last Monday knew, writing is an act of unrequited love, even if it makes you feel like Mick Jagger where love should, technically, flow from all sides towards you. Don’t you stop being Mick Jagger for one minute. He didn’t know he would go on making albums, commanding stadiums for over 5 decades when he started out, did he?

I wish you luck for tomorrow. I hope you do well.

With love,


Writer, Blogger, Kate Bush Fanatic

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