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Of Twittering

Mountain_BluebirdThis post is entirely going to be about birds that chirp all day long in my balcony. I mean it. Don’t you dare assume that I will write anything dealing with the word twitter, unless there is an ornithological interest to it. Besides the birds in my balcony, all I really know about ornithology are the poems on nightingales and larks, by Keats and Shelley, respectively. And that would make a very short post indeed. Maybe even of 140 characters.

No, you are thinking it again. Let’s focus on the birds in my balcony now. Hey, that might even be a song. Or something that will sound like an old country classic, maybe “Chirpin’” Huh, so much more marketing potential than something like twittering. Too many t‘s for one thing, and kind of a tongue-twister. Plus, you really have to suck in your cheeks and pout your lips to make the sound, almost as if you have to throw the word out. “Birdsong” is a smash hit in comparison.

And yet, the world seems to hang by a little blue bird somehow. That tiny, little thing, probably quite fragile and faint in its real context that has been erased by a plain white background, doesn’t know that all the BIG, BIG people in the world reach out for her, to tell their BIG, BIG stories. If that bird knew what she has made possible in this BIG, BIG world, she’d probably be looking for a lot of money (a lot, an unfathomable lot) for her emblematic status. And a record deal, so that everyone surely hears her now.

I knew about her from years before, but I really didn’t know what it entailed. Micro-blogging seemed too fancy a word, which I put down to something that only programmers can do. I am sure it must involve that, in the way all that is important involves that nowadays, but I didn’t realize that micro-blogging is just about doing what we do here, only in the size of a text message. That, I understand, and I unashamed to admit I love texting. Now, even more than ever. Not because I am awkward when speaking on the phone or in person. But, because the other person, more than likely, is. And this has been totally naturalized. Even if I am having a real-time, face-to-face conversation with a person I haven’t met in a while, they will inevitably ask, “Why don’t we WhatsApp instead?” Which would hurt me, if they were actually asking me to scoot off politely. But, weirdly, they are not. They are just more used to having textual conversations than real ones.

I became a Stephen Fry fan in early 2012. He championed the little blue bird quite early on, and to see what the fuss is about, I joined him. I didn’t know that you could read these texts for public consumption without actually being one such bird-lover. Because all the #s and @s didn’t enormously interest me (left me feeling I was reading some actual programming code), I let my bird-loving be. I went back a few months later, I don’t remember why, but I wrote the most amazing text in the history of public texts. It was on the 19th of May, and it read:

Happy Birthday to Joey Ramone and Pete Townshend.

Applause please for all the capital letters, the lack of abbreviations and the perfect punctuation. It may neither have been “liked”, nor re-microblogged (ha ha, see what I avoided), but it is a grammatically correct sentence that makes perfect sense. However, it failed to show the enthusiasm I feel for these musicians who make this world wonderful by being alive in it. Clearly, I needed to learn to make my public texts less boring.

Which I didn’t try. But, my macro-blogging has been making me think of my possibly micro ones. Very,very hard to do. One of the reasons I am here is because there are no limits to how much I can write. Can I really do that tiny, texty dance? Or should I pick up a book on advertising and learn first? The thing is, by checking up on the little blue bird once in a while, she may help me connect more conveniently with people I meet on this giant, blue W. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even write her a Keatsian poem someday, in the brevity she prefers. I certainly will try, my dear big little one.

* I’m having technical issues installing the bluebird widget. Click on that highlighted phrase in the last paragraph to get connected with me for now!


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