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Of Following

I am 5 followers away from reaching 200 followers. First of all, thank you so much for taking such an interest. And it is such an interest, for surely, following someone in this endless internet universe is a sign of showing you care. I am pleased when someone “views” one of my posts. I am glad if someone “likes” them. And I am, I feel a little shy to admit, rather happy when I get new followers. I know, I know, I should not come across as needy. But, I cannot be nonchalant. And, I cannot be neutral. Even if you followed and never cared to read up afterwards, I don’t mind. You cared enough once, and that is more than good enough for me.

200 seems a massive figure for a blog that is only 5 months old. And, it is funny how I swing from figures to emotions with the ease of a mathematician. Numbers and feelings don’t usually correspond, do they? Only in music, where it has been found that the same centre of the brain is responsible for both, do the both effortlessly, even expectantly, synergize. But, this blog is hardly musical, even arrhythmic to an anarchic degree. I worked hard to gain 100 followers. I expected to reach that landmark by the end of September, but since I was doing so well in July, I thought I could bring it forward. The post that almost got me to the mark was one where I explain blogging to my mother. It did very well but, would you believe it? I stood at 98 on the 31st . I woke up on the 1st of August to find that I had finally reached a 100, but only a day later. I meant to celebrate, but I did not. I couldn’t help feeling the anti-climax. It wasn’t a failure, but it wasn’t a success.

How strange, that while nothing else has anything to do with numbers here, I can’t help being statistical about it. That was my favourite part about maths, actually. That, and permutations, combinations and probability. Those I carry over to my non-mathematical writing as well. What are the odds of this blog becoming something? Well, isn’t it already a something? What other something would you like it to be?

Leaving the numbers aside for now, let’s turn to the painful situation of followers. I sincerely apologize if that offended you. But, among all of the social media nomenclature, follower is my least favourite. What is wrong with readers, or with what MySpace got right, friends? Remember Tom from MySpace? He probably never read your profile, but at least he was your first friend there, and that made you feel a little fuzzy inside. With followers, as I have said before, I really feel compelled to start a cult, which I don’t have enough ideology to back up. And, in the unlikely event of Of Opinions becoming an internet sensation, I’d hate my followers to call themselves something like opinionaters. First off, it’s a lame name. And second of all, it is something that would suit fans of the 90’s sitcom Blossom more.

When I reached 100, I wrote a post titled Of Opinions as a sort of mission statement, to tell you what I am doing here. I promised that I will revisit it when I reach 200. This time, I’ve decided to do a little PR pitch type of thing for you. I have never done any publicizing or sales, so I don’t know if I will get the basics right. But, I’ll have a go anyway:

Of OpinionsThe Culture Blog is neither. Not in the usual sense of the term. Do not expect anything angry or political or cynical here, unless it is about something like being served a stale sandwich at a restaurant. Don’t expect bitchy posts (and we don’t use bad language here either, unless we can find a killer Victorian euphemism for it!) about Renee Zellweger’s face. With Of Opinions, we (my blog and me like to think of ourselves in the royal “we”) want to rescue opinions from the dirty, cheap, politicized word that it is, to the more general and simple act that it has been since its Latin formulation, where it means – “I think”. With culture, I simply mean what we do with ourselves while we live. And, that is the broad scope of this blog really. Nothing is out-of-bounds and everything is within reach. Which is saying the same thing, but with two opposite perspectives. And that, is how we roll here.


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2 thoughts on “Of Following

  1. Great post and I love the sheep picture.

    And I agree, the word followers is a bit icky. I’d prefer the term readers, or viewers, though I don’t think a person really needs any theological background to have ‘those’ kind of followers. You just need to be able to rant self-righteously about a subject (regardless of facts) and be completely amoral.

    Wanting to get 200 readers is not amoral (at least, I hope it isn’t) So you probably don’t need to be afraid of becoming that kind of ‘cult’ leader.\

    Hope you hit 200 early!

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