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Of Writing and Challenges

artwork_inspirational_typewriters_writing_art_write_writer_1920x1080_65921Not until yesterday did I know about NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. I have known about NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy for quite a few years and have, unsuccessfully, attempted them before. I should have assumed that there is a blog version. Surprisingly, I feel more excited than I thought I would be. Even on Sunday, when I was thinking of taking an indefinite break from blogging because, well, it wasn’t going too well, I felt quite the reverse in a day, where I felt compelled to post every single day. Is that what a challenge feels like? Hmm, I had not known such a feeling for quite sometime.

That is not to say that, being a cautious person, I don’t have my usual set of qualms about it. I am the kind of person who, if she ever has an athletic child, would stand by him or her at the beginning of a race and list all possible consequences of running just before the race starts. I am not joking. My mother reminds me of every possible danger I may (or, usually, may not) encounter before I go out. My justification for this procedure (I don’t know what hers’ is, but I always put it down to maternal concern) is that if you can consider all possibilities, nothing can surprise you.

So, NaBloPoMo (sounds like a Mexican dish!) is new to me, and I am testing it out. I am measuring all possibilities to see if we fit. If we are going to do this thing, we need to know if it works. Firstly, I already am a blogger. That is leagues ahead from what I was for NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy. Secondly, there are no word limits, or underlying theme and characters, or anything to make me get bored on an ideational level with the challenge. When I started blogging, most of my posts were more directly based on Psychology, since I had a passion for it and wanted to have a platform to share my ideas in a semi-formal manner. Since then, I have changed my overall tone quite a bit, writing personality-driven posts that mostly deal with writing. While I’m sure that those will keep coming, I want to shake things up a bit and write more on Psychology, as well as other things. I have never really done reviews, which is again not something I particularly want to do. But, discussing books or music is something that can still fit in here. For example, I once discussed panic disorders with relation to Sam Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings. Using personalities other than my own to discuss ideas will be a relief to many, including myself.

But, don’t think you are escaping me yet. There will be moments of frustration of course, and you know that the only way I deal with that hell is by coming here. And that is what leads me to the big question of productivity. I know that the first time I fail to post in the month, it will prevent me from posting at all. I see that you don’t have the flexibility of NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy here, where you can catch up if you miss a day or two. Of course, I could write my posts in advance. I have this ever-increasing list of Of’s in my phone. I counted the unwritten ones today and they totalled forty-three. Now, even if some of them don’t work out, I have ideas enough for thirty posts. All I have to do is write them.

And writing them is not even the scariest thing. It is that incessant voice that, unlike for others, does not speak from the back of my head. Maybe, my brain’s on the wrong way round, but a voice from the front, behind my forehead, has been asking me since I got to know of NaBloPoMo – Will it matter? Not will I be able to do it, for we all know, especially subconscious me, that I can churn out an approximately 700 word post everyday, if I want to. But, I am being warned of not expecting it to change the rhythm in which Of Opinions has been functioning. Because, that is exactly what I want to change. Not writing more, but to show that Of Opinions is an alive, curious thing, with an even better future ahead than the wonderful five months she has had so far. I want you and me to care more about my blog, my baby, so that we can make something beautiful out of it. November is a beautiful month for challenges. It gives you one last chance to make up for all that you have been putting off the rest of the year. And if you do it, well then, you go ahead and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and happy new year. I hope, I will.


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12 thoughts on “Of Writing and Challenges

  1. I have never heard of NaBloPoMo before (to me it sounds more like a weird disease than a Mexican dish). I’ll be interested to see how many other WordPress bloggers take on the challenge. Good luck with it!

  2. I’m still debating on whether or not to do NaBloPoMo. I mean, I want to but I’m afraid I won’t like the pressure….or the disappointment when I fail. I don’t want this to suck all the fun out of blogging, you know? I don’t have any ideas built up like you do but I am going to take a few days to make a list. Then I probably will give NaBloPoMo a try. Anyway, good luck, I look forward to reading 🙂

    1. Thank you Lisa! I’m glad that I do have enough ideas. With my theme, I can’t usually fit in the WordPress daily writing prompts, which makes it harder. But they are great ideas, and shouldn’t leave you parched! I read some of your posts during the – is it Blogging 101 that you attempted? – and though it seemed like a lot of hard work, you really pulled it off. Of course, if you’re not sure if you can find the time for it, it shouldn’t matter. You have a great, thriving blog!

  3. Personally, I think it’s wrong to go for word count.

    The NaBloPoMo is great, but it’s not quantity that matters–it’s quality.

    Fifty words of quality are worth 50,000 of quantity, if they are the right words (in the blogosphere–the less words to bring the point home–the better, I’m learning.)

    I think you can do the right words. (God I wish this would let me do italics.)

    I can’t write the righjt words, but words aren’t my thing. Though I’m gonna try. (OK–in my case it’s images). Write what you feel . However many words it takes. But make them important words, important to you.

    1. Bor Bor, I was raised on comics. Even though it is portrayed as a boy’s world in the West, and lately, a geek’s, here in India there is no such distinction. The greatest thing about comics is that they teach you more about economy and effectiveness in writing than an 800 page European novel ever could. Comics not only help you develop a visual imagination(which is more operational in me than a literary one), they also teach you how much is to be communicated verbally, and how much to leave unsaid.
      I’d happily read only comics for the rest of my life, if there weren’t other “important” books nagging at me! In fact, I am currently doing a course on comics where we’re required to draw our own comic, which I am dreading quite a bit because I really can’t draw and haven’t for years!
      I would say that words are very much your thing, for they certainly go very well with your images. Best of luck with your upcoming posts!

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