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Of Pre-Month Agonies

sesame september

August hasn’t been a good month all month long and now it’s going to get even worse. It is going to end. Even though it has been stagnant, uninspiring and lazy, I don’t want to say goodbye. I have august wishes that the honourable Emperor Augustus could cast some sort of spell and take me back to his first day, so that I might live this month a whole lot differently. Or maybe the actually living Green Day could do the trick by waking me up when September ends. For whatever it is, I just don’t want to wake up to know its September.

I have nothing against the month. I have nothing against any month or year or week. I don’t even have anything against days, like most people do. I don’t sing “Manic Monday” other than to appreciate the kick ass band The Bangles are. I didn’t mind Craig David’s song about the days of the week(I am quite surprised I remember his name. Hmm…). Wednesday Addams is my favourite goth chick. Mine is a more vague problem. I hate it every time a month ends and another begins. It is a feeling some of us, I think, can identify with.

While I’m sure it is known why human beings came up with such a logical system of dividing time, not many take into account its affective effects. As a kid, if a new month began, you were only affected by it if you happened to write the wrong date in your notebook( such as writing 01/08/2014 instead of 01/09/2014, British system). Twice a year you were even excited for the month to end – before New Year’s and your birth month. I have often wondered why people get excited about a new year beginning. What is there to be excited about? It is just another day, nothing ritualistic happens in it. Unless you call regret over the past year and apprehension for the next a ritual. And can a ritual like new year resolutions even compare to another ritual a week ago called a Christmas cake? I rest my case.

I am especially agonized about September beginning not only because it is September beginning, but also because September is the time when Pre-Year Agony kicks in. I have a ton of things to do in the next four “-bers”, and the usual consequence of being caught under A Ton of Things is falling flat and getting squished under it. I could do with losing a few kilos, to be honest, but I am not a cartoon. I don’t get flat when I fall flat. I eat lots and lots of sweet treats instead.

Agony 1: New opportunity to be more productive, starting with waking up earlier in the morning.

Agony 2: Also new opportunity to taking up working out seriously, by which I mean doing it and not watching YouTube workout videos seriously.

Agony 3: Give Up YouTube!!!

Agony 4: Start working on thesis seriously.

Agony 5: Get all the mundane paperwork I’ve been meaning to get done, done.

Agony 6: Read, read, read.

Agony 7: Start writing the mythical novel discussed in previous post.

Agony 8: Go out more.

Agony 9: Apply for jobs.

Agony 10: Socialise more, minus social media.

Agony 11: Clean the house more often.

Agony 12: Just be better, and better do it in this month. Or else…

See what I mean?!

A new month is when you start forming this to-do list in your head and you hope to achieve everything in that month. By the end of it, the cycle repeats itself, with you lamenting the month gone by and dreading the one to come. I think it generally becomes more settling by the 5th . But, the transitional period of 7-10 days is just…well, I’ve used the word “agony” how many times?

How do you beat the New Month Blues?


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3 thoughts on “Of Pre-Month Agonies

  1. I have similar problems, especially regarding my dislike for the end of the month and realising I spend far too much time on YouTube! (I have a video in the background as I type this, even!)
    This is a great post, I hope you manage something towards your goals 🙂

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